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September 6, 2016 at 11:47am

It's finally here.  Pitt week...and I for one am very excited.

I was nervous watching Kent State move the ball on the ground in the first half, and all I kept thinking about was what Pitt might be able to do us in a week.  But then I saw the stats from Pitt's game.  They ran for 86 yards against an FCS opponent.  I know Villanova is a good FCS team, but they are an FCS team nonetheless.  Pitt averaged 2.5 yards per carry last week.  Our D-line, as inexperienced as it may be, is still undoubtedly better than the Nova D-line.  So am I wrong to say that I am feeling confident that we can do enough defensively to win this game?

Maybe we lose because their defense comes out and just beats the hell out of our O-line, but I saw enough from the offense this week to feel confident that we can be effective against a decent defense.  Vegas still likes Pitt to win this game, but I'm obviously drinking that blue kool aid.  So tell me why I should pump the brakes on my optimism this week.  

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