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I told you so....

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December 31, 2016 at 11:42pm

About a week ago I posted a "forum" topic under "Site Stuff".  Obviously it was in the wrong place to be noticed.  Here is what I said:

I go on record now:

1. Clemson porches OSU.  Clemson wins by at least 14.  The loss to PSU was NO fluke.

2. Alabama/Washington is a closer game than Clemson/OSU.  I think Alabama will win, but it will be hard.  Peterson is a great coach and it will show.

You can look it up on the site.

What I learned in the last week of watching the bowls, and in particular watching the playoff games is that special teams plays count.  Why, just last year in the championship game, Alabama used an onside kick AND a kick return, to beat Clemson.

During the Clemson/OSU game, there was constant mention of special teams play by OSU affecting the game, both good and bad.  Bad was the missed field goals.  Good was the kickoff returns.  AND the announcers made particular mention of Urbz focusing on special teams for hidden yards and advantages.

Every game, when discussed or analyzed (at least that I watched or listened to) by the announcers had praise for special teams plays and how they are so important to winning games.  

Hey, announcers, PSU knows this.  PSU knew this during the regular season.  And once the D got healthy and the O line stopped looking like a MASH unit, the season showed they knew how to play and were pretty good.  They were and are, NO FLUKE.

IMO PSU would have fared just as well against Clemson as OSU did (I think better, but in that game, PSU/Clemson, I would have picked Clemson).  If PSU had played Alabama, I think they would have done about as well as Washington.  That defense is just wicked good, particularly the D line.  It would have been extremely challenging for the PSU O line to cope with them.

Anyhow, I thought Clemson was too good for OSU.  IF PSU handles USC on Monday, given this evenings results, I wouldn't be surprised to see PSU ranked ABOVE OSU in the final polls.  Moral victories are hollow, but it will at least feel good if that is the case.

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