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The 2008 OSU game was on today

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August 7, 2017 at 8:58pm

I caught the last quarter and BOY do I have thoughts.  I was there, it was fun.  Sort of.

-At least three OSU players (and presumably a couple PSU linebackers) would have been tossed for targeting in the 4th quarter alone of that game.  It's amazing how far the rules have come in less than ten years, even thought it seems like a lot more have to change.

-What's more amazing about that is the response from brent & kirk.  They gave all of them the "good hard hit" line.  Clark was clearly shaken up on a play, stayed in for several more plays, and then was 

-Pat Devlin!  I remember him coming in, I forgot completely what a genius game management job that was.  Plays were getting called in with like 8 seconds on the play clock, and he not only hurried everyone up but did it calmly.  

-On that note, what a total s*#4show our coaching situation was.  It's incredible they got away with it, to be honest.  Half the coaches are in the box, no one knows what's going on, ect.

-As far as I'm concerned that was the most perfect paterno ball game every played.  Huge game, you're probably the better team, playing against a true freshman QB, and have an explosive offense.  The formula, naturally was: take zero chances, commit zero penalties, turn the ball over zero times, and wait for a mortal mistake by the opponent.  Profit.  


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