SALE: 20% Off All Purchases at Store Lions Store

By RLR Staff on October 11, 2016 at 9:14 am
Store Lions Store
They're beautiful. They're soft. They're yours for 20% off this week only.

We're feeling quite wonderful after two Penn State wins over Minnesota and Maryland. You might say we're feeling too good, because we're discounting all Store Lions Store purchases by 20% during the bye week. Just use the promo code TUDDIES.

If you're somewhat new to the site, maybe you missed the day our staff received their shirts. Even we couldn't believe how nice they were. We also couldn't believe the apparent size of Treb's feet.

(The camera adds two shoe sizes, everyone knows that.)

Anyway, if you'll be shopping for Penn State themed apparel in the next few months, but don't want any of that generic stuff you find at the mall, jump on this offer. Or, you know what? Treat yourselfYou are beautiful and you deserve this.

Head over to Store Lions Store and get started. Additionally, we have shirts for sale in State College. If you're in town and you're interested, email Bill: bill AT roarlionsroar DOT com.

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