Where Are My Shirts? An Explainer.

By Chris Grovich on November 3, 2016 at 11:15 am
Sorry, Urban.
Next time say "please", Coach.

Shortly after the win over Ohio State, we hatched a glorious shirt idea based on Urban Meyer's pre-game concerns about playing Penn State in the prime time White Out. 

His concerns were valid. Thus, Urban's Lament was born.

You ordered a lot of them, for which we are forever grateful. BUT WHERE ARE THEY? Your concerned emails began with a trickle, and have now reached a...well, something slightly more than a trickle. It's not like you're a political campaign asking for $10 every two hours or anything, but I'm here to let you know when these shirts should be arriving in your mailboxes.

We are expecting to get the shirts back from our guy Mitch at Humbly Made either this weekend or very early next week. From that point, your RLR Merchandise Shipment Team (me, during non-work and non-parenting hours) will be sending them out to you, loyal, intelligent and beautiful RLR readers. So if you're in Pennsylvania or close to it, you should have it by the end of next week.

If you haven't ordered yours yet, you might want to get on that soon. We'll probably only have about 20-30 left when the current orders are fulfilled, which means no more than a handful remaining in each size. Head on over to Store Lions Store and place your order now! You won't have to wait as long as the heroes that ordered immediately after we posted the design!

We're also restocking our Bunch of Fighters design again. Most sizes are available now, those of you looking for L's may have a brief wait.

Thank you, once more, for supporting Roar Lions Roar with your wallet. We're going to buy an island with all the money. You're all invited.

(It's gonna be a tiny island in the Susquehanna near the miniature Statue of Liberty.)

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