Where are Penn State's NFL Draft Prospects Projected to Be Picked?

By Nick Polak on April 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm
Mar 3, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin speaks to the media during the 2017 combine at Indiana Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft upon us, most of the writers across the internet have finally released the final editions of their mock drafts. That being said, mock drafts are accurate exactly 4%* of the time, so this is far from an exact science. However, they do provide us with a general sense of what people who are at least somewhat "in-the-know" are hearing about who teams are looking at, and when the consensus seems to be that guys will be picked.

Looking at three, seven-round mock drafts from some of the more established services on the internet (no, we're not taking into account the mock draft your friend Joe does on his wordpress site), we get a pretty good idea of where Chris Godwin will likely be chosen.

Chris Godwin Mock Draft Destinations
Publication Selection (Round, Pick) Team
FOX SPORTS Round 3, Pick 71 Los Angeles Chargers
CBS SPORTS Round 3, Pick 67 Chicago Bears
BLEACHER REPORT Round 2, Pick 47 Minnesota Vikings
NFL.COM Round 3, Pick 70 New York Jets

Despite some chatter about him moving into the late-first round following an outstanding performance at the NFL Combine, the consensus on Godwin seems to be that he'll still end up a mid-second round or early third round pick. We all know by this point that he would be a steal in that scenario, but hey, good for the team that drafts him.

As far as the actual teams choosing him here, the Chargers, Jets, and Bears all make sense, as those teams could use a reliable number two-type receiver behind their big play maker (Keenan Allen, Eric Decker, and...Kevin White I guess, respectively). The Vikings don't seem like a good fit, though. Both Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs have shown a ton of potential at times, and they just drafted Laquon Treadwell in the first round last year. This would be a foolish pick on their part.

Ultimately, Godwin will likely end up in the back of round two, but if the top guys (Mike Williams and Corey Davis) get scooped up early, it could force a team to grab Godwin sooner.

Garrett Sickels Mock Draft Destinations
Publication Selection (Round, Pick) Team
FOX SPORTS Round 5, Pick 162 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CBS SPORTS Undrafted -
BLEACHER REPORT Round 7, Pick 219 San Francisco 49ers
NFL.COM Priority Un-drafted Free Agent -

Garrett Sickels' future is a little more uncertain. He's shown on the field that he has the ability to produce, though it's unclear if he's a better fit as an outside linebacker or defensive end. His disappointing NFL Combine performance certainly didn't help him, but anyone expecting a big day out of him there doesn't understand much about him as a player. Fox is the most optimistic here, putting him in the fifth round. That's probably a stretch, as he looks more and more like a round seven/undrafted type each day, especially given the unbelievable depth of pass rushers in this draft.

In the end, I see him ending up as NFL.com says, a priority free agent following the draft. The testing numbers may not be there, but even a fool can watch Sickels' tape and see how he could be a valuable guy to stash on a practice squad and eventually mold into a backup along the line.

What do you think? Where will these two end up being drafted? Will any of Brandon Bell, Malik Golden, or Evan Schwan hear their names on draft day, too?



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