Not Impressed: Twitter Reactions to Saquon Working Out

By Kevin Fay on July 11, 2018 at 10:01 am
Saquon Barkley at the NFL Combine
Brian Spurlock, USA Today

Yesterday, SportsCenter posted a tweet of our beautiful NFL son Saquon Barkley and Todd Gurley working out together. Pretty neat! Saquon has been on a NFL workout tour of late, and the most recent reports have him working out with Zeke Elliott, OBJ, and now Gurley. Here is the video: 

Pretty impressive! This small snippet of their workout shows both Barkley and Gurley's explosiveness and athleticism. They both make it look easy, as they should being professional athletes. It was also a small snippet of what is undoubtedly a much longer workout, as most NFL athletes who get paid millions of dollars to work out in the offseason tend to work out for more than 21 seconds. Twitter was not impressed.

No, Moondog not even your average high school football player can do this, let alone most. Although it would be kind of funny to see videos of random high school football players being taken off the field to try it.

Ah yes, judging by the relative ease and how fluidly he lifted the 315 pounds and then with no wasted motion jumped 42 inches on to that box he seems very weak. If you have seen any of the workout videos posted of Saquon, you know he is anything but weak. I don't blame people for not being familiar with different athletes, but I do blame them for not having common sense. 

This one was fairly common. Remember kids, the key to not hurting yourself and being a successful athlete is never working out.

This feels like sarcasm, but I am putting it here regardless. No you aren't. I scrolled through your twitter all the way back a year and a half and there isn't ONE gym selfie, which, according to internet rules means you have never worked out ever. 

Thank you, weight truther.

Steph Curry showed up an odd number of times in the comments. Steph Curry is also the size of one half of one of Barkley's legs. Just a guess, but if Steph Curry wants to try and out lift Barkley, it won't go well for him. 

Nick, whose other account got banned (can't imagine why), is not impressed. Maybe try and jump 42 inches without putting the bar down next time, Saquon. Then, maybe Nick will give a slight nod of approval.

And now for my favorite reply.

Thanks Twitter, keep doing you. 

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