13 of Our Favorite Penn State Vines

By Mike Treb on January 17, 2017 at 9:04 am
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Editor's Note: With Vine shutting down officially today, Jan. 17, we wanted to bump this post one last time before it is long to the pages of history. Enjoy!

The news of looping video app Vine’s imminent demise hit the sports community hard on Thursday.

Vine has been a frequent tool by publishers to highlight big hits, incredible catches, monster dunks and funny sideline exchanges.

From Boston College head coach Steve Addazio making odd vines that weren’t intended to be odd, to the LSU fan who was very aggressive in cheering her basketball team, Vine added a fun, highly shareable wrinkle to sports.

To properly commemorate the passing of Vine (rest easy, friend), here are 13 Penn State or Penn State-related vines that should live on forever (you'll still be able to view, access and download vines).

Former Penn State Coach Bill O’Brien Yells About Rick Ross, Dances

This clip was captured on HBO’s Hard Knocks docu-series two years ago.

O’Brien showed a different side of his personality as he enthusiastically bounces to rapper Rick Ross.

Ohhh, They Sacked Him Again!

Kevin, aka friend of the blog FZappa20, immortalized himself in Penn State lore with this key exclamation in an online rant following Ohio State’s stunning loss to Penn State, 24-21, last weekend.

He’s commenting on the Buckeyes’ final play of the game, when quarterback J.T. Barrett is swarmed by Nittany Lions on 4th-and-23, and sacked, ending their bid to tie the game.

‘… And We’re Looking for Some Tuddies This Fall’

First-year offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead introduced himself to Penn State fans everywhere this August by indulging our silly word for touchdowns and cutting this highly entertaining promo.

Ayyyye, Must Be The Tuddies!

Twitter user and RLR pal j_a155 pulled together an incredible remix, using our video of Moorhead saying, “tuddies,” and combining it with international rap superstar Nelly.

Pure art.

Enthusiastic Jordan Dickerson

You must hand it to Dickerson, a former transfer into the men's basketball program: He was highly committed to his craft right here.

Be sure to catch his face at the end.

Allen Robinson Does Something Semi-Impressive

Michigan at Happy Valley in 2013. Allen Robinson reels it in from Christian Hackenberg. The Lions eventually win in four overtimes.

You’ve seen it before but this mind-numbing music gives it a fresh coat of paint.

‘Off to a Good Start’

O’Brien makes his second appearance on the list, this time from Farmer Jones.

This Vine also originates from the Texans’ stint on Hard Knocks, and is used strategically on the Internet to describe moments in Penn State sports.

Yeah, We know, Christian

Quarterback Christian Hackenberg gets on the booth phone in 2014, and says what all Penn State fans were saying during a terrible offensive showing that essentially stretched throughout the season:

"I don't know what the f--- we're doing."

Joey Julius Torpedoes Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis

That just happened this year but we’ll be talking about it for decades to come, even if it came in a horrendous 49-10 blowout at the hands of the Wolverines.


Joey Julius Stuns Kent State and Beaver Stadium

This tackle occurred in the season opener against Kent State, and no one was quite expecting it.

Bang bang.

This is What It Sounds Like, When Spartans Cry

Turn your volume up on this one.

Some Michigan State players were none too pleased with Penn State men's hockey winning 5-2 in January 2015.

Punting Will Give You Heartburn

Look at James Franklin's face after another in a series of horrible punts that happened as Penn State visited Columbus.

Ohio State pounded the Lions and field position from poor punts was a major factor.

That Ball Had ‘Moxie’ On It

Matt McGloin uncorks a ball that eventually ends up in Robinson’s hands via a circuitous route.

Corny music, sorry. Who cares.

Bonus Track


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