Joe Lunardi Discusses Tony Carr and His NBA Potential

By Dan Smith on June 5, 2018 at 11:38 am
Former Penn State Guard Tony Carr

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The NBA Draft is about three weeks away, and former Penn State point guard Tony Carr continues to prepare for his name to be called on draft night. Widely considered a second round pick, Carr is well aware that he has plenty of work to do.

Ahead of the NBA Draft, Brian Seltzer of sat down for a podcast with ESPN bracketologist and St. Joseph's color commentator Joe Lunardi to discuss draft prospects with Philadelphia ties. After discussing the four potential first round picks coming out of Villanova, the discussion turned to the Roman Catholic product. Lunardi expressed skepticism that Carr's game stands out from other point guard prospects.

I think Carr is ... and this sounds like I'm demeaning him ... like, I think Carr is a great college point guard. I'm not sure I see anything special about him at the next level. I mean, certainly, he's a first-team all-Big Ten player [...] he was clearly the best player on the team that won the NIT. Can he make a roster? Sure. Do I think he's going to have a 10-year NBA career? I don't, simply because I think there are probably 30 Tony Carr's every year. And is he going to be the one or two of the 30 who becomes a Terry Rozier? Who was a nice college point guard, and all of a sudden becomes much more than that? There's always the exception that proves the rule, but the odds are against him.

That is a common theme around Carr, who has great scoring instincts and good three-point numbers, but limited athleticism. The tough part of Carr's decision to go pro is that his issues with speed and vertical are not things that would have been helped by returning to college and entering the draft another year older in 2019.

The NBA Draft takes places on Thursday, June 21 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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