Scott Van Pelt: "This is a Dangerous, Confident, Experienced Team"

By Nick Polak on February 12, 2020 at 4:53 pm

Penn State's huge win over Purdue on the road on Tuesday night was hardly its first impressive win of the season. But for the national talking heads, it may just have marked the moment where they could no longer ignore what Pat Chambers and his team have been doing.

After the Lions' latest win, Scott Van Pelt of ESPN highlighted the team and why their current stretch has been so impressive.

"Penn State gets a 12-point win on the road. Not only has Penn State won seven in a row, four of them have been on the road in a conference where nobody wins on the road. Including wins at Michigan State, that's the Breslin Center, and then tonight at Mackey. They're a game behind Maryland, but Penn State's schedule down the stretch, on paper anyway, is far more favorable than Maryland's. They've got a real shot to win this league.

Whatever happens, they're clearly a lock to make the tournament for the first time since 2011. And this is interesting, the best seed the Nittany Lions have ever had is a five-seed back in '96, and they actually lost to the twelve that year. But given the trend that they're on, they're a lock to have their best seed, as well.

This is a dangerous, confident, experienced team."

Expect to hear a lot more talk about this Penn State team as the regular season draws to a close and tournament season begins.

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