Penn State Recruiting Roundup (September): Only a Few Spots Left

By Nick Polak on September 6, 2017 at 8:15 am
Offensive tackle Rasheed Walker

Welcome back to the Recruiting Roundup.

With much of the 2018 class already committed, there aren't a ton of prospects left for Penn State to target. That being said, there are a few positions that are still primed to see a lot of action in the coming months.

All player photos are courtesy of 247Sports.

  Name Style High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Will Levis Pro Xavier (CT) 6'4/222 ★★★ (0.8600) Committed to Penn State (7/15/17)

Barring something unforeseen with Justin Fields, Levis will be the only quarterback in Penn State's 2018 class. 

Running Backs
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Ricky Slade C.D. Hylton (VA) 5'9/185 ★★★★ (0.9828) Committed to Penn State (2/3/17)

Slade remains a solid commitment to Penn State.

Wide Receivers
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Justin Shorter South Brunswick (NJ) 6'4/213 ★★★★★ (0.9930) Committed to Penn State (8/6/16)
Daniel George Oxon Hill (MD) 6'1.5/201 ★★★★ (0.9188) Committed to Penn State (7/16/17)
Jahan Dotson Nazareth (PA) 5'11/165 ★★★★ (0.9482) Committed to UCLA (9/4/17)
Solomon Enis North Canyon (AZ) 6'4/190 ★★★★ (0.9098) Top-7: PSU, ASU, Utah, Cal, Ole Miss, USC, Arizona

Enis recently named his top-7, which expectedly included the Crystal Ball-leading Nittany Lions. At this point, the legacy seems to be the more realistic possibility to join the class than Dotson. Still, pulling Enis to Happy Valley will be no easy task, despite family ties. Dotson remains on the board despite his recent commitment to UCLA. If Penn State has the space by Signing Day, he could still be in play.

Tight Ends
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Zack Kuntz Camp Hill (PA) 6'8/221 ★★★★ (0.9540) Committed to Penn State (11/26/16)
Pat Freiermuth Brooks School (MA) 6'5/250 ★★★★ (0.9219) Committed to Penn State (8/16/16)

Penn State may have the best tight end combo in the 2018 class with Kuntz and Freiermuth.

Offensive Line
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Nana Asiedu North Stafford (VA) 6'6/265 ★★★★ (0.9639) Committed to Penn State (4/22/17)
Juice Scruggs Cathedral Prep (PA) 6'3/270 ★★★★ (0.9203) Committed to Penn State (8/4/17)
Antwan Reed Muskegon (MI) 6'5.5/326 ★★★ (0.8895) Committed to Penn State (4/22/17)
Bryce Effner Metea Valley (IL) 6'5/275 ★★★ (0.8590) Committed to Penn State (5/6/17)
Rasheed Walker North Point (MD) 6'5/280 ★★★★ (0.9509) Top-6: Penn State, Maryland, UNC, OSU, Rutgers, VT

With Scruggs's commitment to Penn State, the staff is likely set as far as interior linemen go (both Reed and Effner could swing inside if needed). That leaves Walker as the only real target remaining, for the time being.

Things still look good for Penn State in that regard, but there's no set timeline for when he would like to commit.

  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Shaquon Anderson-Butts Harrisburg (PA) 6'0.5/202 ★★★ (0.8869) Committed to Penn State (7/15/17)

The Under Armour All-American remains solid to Penn State.

Defensive Tackles
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
P.J. Mustipher McDonogh School (MD) 6'4.5/285 ★★★★ (0.9532) Committed to Penn State (8/7/17)
Aeneas Hawkins Archbishop Moeller (OH) 6'3/265 ★★★★ (0.8990) Committed to Penn State (8/10/17)
Judge Culpepper Plant (FL) 6'5/256 ★★★ (0.8686) Committed to Penn State (7/14/17)
Tyler Friday Don Bosco Prep (NJ) 6'3/263 ★★★★ (0.9644) Crystal Ball Leader: Michigan (80%)

Mustipher and Hawkins are all set to join Culpepper to form a dynamic and fearsome defensive tackle group that should strike fear into the hearts of opposing offenses for years to come. Friday remains an option, but it still doesn't seem likely he ends up in Happy Valley right now.

Defensive Ends
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Dorian Hardy Paramus Catholic (NJ) 6'5/241 ★★★★ (0.9277) Committed to Penn State (6/11/17)
Micah Parsons Harrisburg (PA) 6'3/235 ★★★★★ (0.9983) Crystal Ball Leader: Ohio State (67%)
Eyabi Anoma St. Frances Academy (MD) 6'5/230 ★★★★ (0.9681) Crystal Ball Leader: Alabama (100%)
Tyreke Smith Cleveland Heights (OH) 6'3/260 ★★★★ (0.9691) Top-12: Includes Penn State
Jayson Oweh Blair Academy (NJ) 6'5/236 ★★★★ (0.9319) Top-3: Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame
Marcellus Earlington Don Bosco Prep (NJ) 6'4/260 ★★★ (0.8736) Crystal Ball Leader: Penn State (100%)

While both Hawkins and Culpepper could conceivably play outside, Hardy remains the only true edge player among this defensive line group. Parsons doesn't have an official visit scheduled for Penn State yet, but it's still a possibility for the future early enrollee. Anoma is still on the board, but rather quiet.

Smith and Oweh both remain Penn State-Ohio State battles, with the Buckeyes potentially leading for both. You can bet that James Franklin will really turn up the heat on the other should one announce for Urban Meyer's squad, but until then, the staff is focused on trying to add both to the class.

Inside Linebackers
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Nick Tarburton Pennridge (PA) 6'3.5/242 ★★★ (0.8834) Committed to Penn State (11/21/17)

Tarburton will be the only middle linebacker in the class.

Outside Linebackers
  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Jesse Luketa Mercyhurst Prep (PA) 6'3/238 ★★★★ (0.8924) Committed to Penn State (2/3/17)
Charlie Katshir Cumberland Valley (PA) 6'3/198 ★★★ (0.8624) Committed to Penn State (2/2/17)
Brian Asamoah St. Francis De Sales (OH) 6'1/210 ★★★ (0.8656) Crystal Ball Leader: Pitt (71%)

The staff seems content with Luketa and Katshir. Both are looking to have huge senior seasons to help bump their rankings up to more accurate levels, particularly Katshir. Remember, Parsons once called him the most talented football player he'd ever played against.

  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Jordan Miner Wiregrass Ranch (FL) 6'1/177 ★★★★ (0.8919) Committed to Penn State (7/6/17)
Trent Gordon Manvel (TX) 5'11/172 ★★★ (0.8737) Committed to Penn State (3/29/17)
Houston Griffith IMG Academy (FL) 6'1/192 ★★★★ (0.9670) Top-7: PSU, Bama, FSU, Nebraska, ND, OSU, Texas

The out-of-state cornerback duo remains committed, though holding onto both could prove tricky thanks to their locations. Griffith is still a target, but one that gets a little less realistic with each passing day.

  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Isheem Young Imhotep Institute (PA) 5'9.5/201 ★★★★ (0.9474) Committed to Penn State (7/18/17)
Isaiah Humphries Sachse (TX) 5'11/191 ★★★ (0.8832) Committed to Penn State (12/31/16)
Kwantel Raines Aliquippa (PA) 6'3/200 ★★★★ (0.9331) Top-5: PSU, UF, Kentucky, Pitt, WVU

Raines remains a Penn State target, but it's unclear how hard the staff is pushing for him. With two safeties already committed, and very little wiggle room numbers-wise, it seems that Raines is likely headed elsewhere. If he's still willing to hop on board around National Signing Day, however, and Penn State has a space for him, don't be surprised to see him in the class.

  Name High School Ht./Wt. Rating Status
Jake Pinegar Ankeny Centennial (IA) 6'2/195 ★★★ (0.8288) Committed to Penn State (7/16/17)

Pinegar will be the only specialist in the class.

Roar Lions Roar Big Board

  1. Rasheed Walker
  2. Jayson Oweh
  3. Tyreke Smith
  4. Micah Parsons
  5. Solomon Enis
  6. Houston Griffith
  7. Kwantel Raines
  8. Tyler Friday
  9. Eyabi Anoma
  10. Marcellus Earlington

As always, this big board is created using a mix of who I feel Penn State is most interested in, who they seem to have the best chance with, and who I feel they will actually get when all is said and done.

Walker, Oweh, and Smith are the runaway top targets left in the class, in my mind. Walker fills the need for a true offensive tackle (with big-time talent) and both Oweh and Smith give the team another potentially dominant defensive lineman. Not to mention grabbing either one would mean pulling them away from Ohio State in the process.

Parsons will stay on the board until he's committed elsewhere, and although there doesn't truly appear to be a spot for Enis, it seems like the staff will still take him if he wants in.

Griffith and Raines are in similar boats, both potentially not having a true spot currently, but both may be too talented to deny.