Penn State Sends Out NFL Draft Edits to 2021 Committed Prospects

By Michael Stanley on April 24, 2020 at 9:15 am
Penn State commit Nate Bruce
Twitter (Nate Bruce)

It's every recruit's dream to be drafted into the NFL. They work their whole lives to get to walk across that stage and shake the hand of the NFL's commissioner. In the coming years, we could see another group of Nittany Lions being part of those select few.

With the Covid-19 pandemic sidelining coaches and players during a typically busy recruiting period, Penn State's graphic design team has been working overtime to keep the program visible in the eyes of future players. Their latest effort featured several committed prospects joining their favorite NFL squads.

How cool would it be for Jaylen Reed to learn from Lamar Jackson about being one of the coolest people in football?

Now this one I can get behind. Get out there and keep golden boy Wentz upright. Go Birds! 

For Warren and Wheatley's sakes, let's hope they have a different outcome. I'd also hate to have to root against either them one day.

Dream scenario. Davis could head onto the field every Sunday, take a nap on the field, get paid a lot of money, and still win a Super Bowl or two. Minimum effort, maximum results.