Roar Lions Roundtable: Most Surprising Penn State Loss of 2016

By Len Damico on August 30, 2016 at 9:01 am
Roar Lions Roundtable: Most Surprising Penn State Loss of 2016
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College football is unpredictable.

For some of us, this unpredictability is the main reason we love it. There's nothing better than shocking the world and knocking off a team that should soundly beat you. Yesterday, we discussed the teams Penn State is most likely to upset. Today, we turn our attention to the other side of that coin: Which team is most likely to give Penn State a "surprise" loss in 2016?

Craig Fritz: Minnesota. After getting pummeled on the road in Ann Arbor, the Lions fall flat in a noon kick at home.

Bill DiFilippo: There is a universe, one which I do not want to live in, in which Penn State is rattled after starting the season 2-3, hosts a 4-0 Maryland team (that is not as good as its record, but has all the swagger in the world because it's undefeated), and loses. I do not want to live in that universe. Can we talk about something else, now?

Mike Treb: Temple. That opening game in 2015 was so supernaturally vile, I have this sinking feeling it leaps forward nearly a full calendar year and picks up right where that junkfest left off: making Penn State fans feel yucky bad.

Kevin Fay: Michigan State. This might seem strange to some, but I see Michigan State as a middle of the road B1G team this year. I think they come in to that matchup against Penn State with 5 losses while Penn State is riding a 4 game winning streak. I think they sneak out of Beaver Stadium with a win putting a slight damper on a Penn State team heading to bowl season. 

Tim Gilbert: Pitt. We’re actually the early underdog, but it seems a significant portion of Penn Staters cannot accept a loss as a possibility here. 

John Morgan: Indiana. A week after a night game vs. Iowa at Indiana seems like a classic trap game for Penn State. The Penn State offense will be improved by November 12th, but I can see the defense struggle especially if it’s a noon game.
Matt de Bear: Indiana. With the holes to be replaced on defense, Penn State is going to struggle in a game this year where they struggle to make stops. Indiana's offense will be dangerous as always. Couple that with a road trip to sleepy Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, and this screams danger.

Chris Grovich: Minnesota. Penn State's September will be so important and so emotionally draining. The Golden Gophers will waltz into town October 1 after an early bye week and a home game against Colorado State. Prime letdown territory, likely with the dreaded noon start.

Len Damico: A letdown against Indiana after a big night game vs. Iowa at Beaver Stadium is entirely possible. Memorial Stadium is a Sarlacc pit of despair, and the Hoosiers nearly ambushed OSU there last year.

Doug Leeson: I think the most frustrating losses could come from toss-up games like Pitt and Minnesota, but the biggest surprises would come from lesser teams like Maryland or Indiana. A loss to Maryland would be a huge surprise but also entirely possible -- the Terps and Nittany Lions have split their last two games, with each team winning by one point. A week-six noon game heading into a bye week is the perfect time for Maryland to pull an upset.

Dan Smith: Pitt. I hope not. I really hope not. But I can't get the vision out of my head that this is a really low scoring game where McSorley and the offensive line struggle and a couple of costly turnovers let the Panthers steal one.

Dan Vecellio: Indiana because CHAOS team and I'll be at a wedding that day and the gods will punish me for it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sean Baker: Both back-to-back road games at Indiana and Rutgers in November, one of which is under the lights in lovely Piscataway, are petrifying.

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