Exclusive: State College Jimmy John's Still Standing After Tip-gate

By Bill DiFilippo on August 15, 2016 at 3:24 pm
Jimmy Johns State College

This tweet was sent out over the weekend:

Mad online.

That seems kind of lame, both from the perspective of the person in the football program who forgot to tip and from the dude who felt the need to TWEET THROUGH IT. The tweet has since been deleted, which tells me that the State College Jimmy John's has made it past this tragic turn of events.

Still, as a resident of State College and an idiot who was unable to make a sandwich for lunch today because I didn't close the bag that had my cheese in it and the cheese got all crusty and gross, I took it upon myself to head to said Jimmy John's with the hopes of seeing how it is responding to this tragedy. Somehow, beyond any logical explanation, the sandwich shop is still standing, proudly and defiantly raising something of a middle finger to all of those who forgot to add a few bucks for the tip on a delivery order.

There were several employees. One was at the register. Another was making the sandwiches. A person was sweeping the floors. Two people were doing other stuff. There was one other customer other than me in the restaurant, so they were overstaffed and let's face it, State College the week before students come back can be really boring. None of them seemed like they cared about anything other than making sandwiches. Or really anything else. It's a summer job in a college town so nihilism is abound.

Oh and the roast beef sandwich I ordered had way too much mayo on it because JJ's has the heaviest hand when it comes to mayo on the planet.

A Jimmy John's sandwich, with all the mayo.

The lesson here, as always, is that when you want a sandwich from a chain in State College, go to Jersey Mike's like a normal person. Oh, and tip delivery people. But that's more of a general thing than a thing you should take away from this post.

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