RLR Explainer: The Spirit of ‘Tuddies’ for a Team Seeking Offensive Redemption

By Mike Treb on August 2, 2016 at 9:02 am
Penn State wide receivers DaeSean Hamilton and Chris Godwin
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There’s an excitement.

It’s OK. Really, it’s fine if you want to admit it. You’re intrigued. You feel it. You want to type it in the group text. Say it aloud. Discuss it intelligently on the bustling RLR message board.

What are you excited about? What are you dying to toast postgame at Zeno’s? Why the sweaty-palm tweeting?


You may have noticed the 38-person RLR staff tweeting the term, using it in comments, playing it up in *Jack Ham voice* some memes.

Hell, defensive end Evan Schwan used it while he was mic'ed for Blue/White this spring.

“Tuddies” - or “touchdowns” for the less-adventurous among us - are fun. Tuddies are why we watch football. Tuddies are a rallying cry.

Tuddies are what we remember about legendary moments (“Now Blackledge, he's gonna put it up on first down. He's going for the bundle ... Garrityyy ... Touchdown!”) and more recent moments that weren't QUITE a score (“And Robinson comes down with it!”).

And Tuddies are what we hope for in the future -- for this 2016 squad, in particular.

Penn State’s offense was a down-and-out bummer for two years. Stunted drives, frustrating turnovers and a stark lack of … Tuddies.

This year’s Nittany Lions could remedy that lack of zest, that missing excitement. Skill-position players are maturing. Younger guys appear ready to step up. The offensive scheme is shifting to something fans haven’t seen in years, with new offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead -- or Coach Tuddies, as Moorhead commonly goes by, according to the media guide (the media guide actually does not say anything about that ... yet).

Realistic outlooks are fine and necessary (i.e., What is the quarterback situation? Will the offensive line hold up?).

But whatever, man, thinking about Tuddies is fun. Join me.

Thinking about DaeSean Hamilton Tuddies

BaeSean Tuddy

Thinking About Chris Godwin Tuddies

Thinking About Saquon Barkley Tuddies

Saquon Tuddy

So, hashtag it with an oddly mesmerizing photoshop. Share it with the youth of our nation. Heck, hit the Google search.

Embrace the Tuddies.

h/t @Craig_RLR, @j_a155


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