Bovada Sets Penn State Win Total At 8

By Tim Gilbert on August 3, 2016 at 4:04 pm
Penn State's season win total is 8.
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The release of Bovada’s annual over/under win totals is a great time of year for two reasons. First, they provide great debate fodder (over/under six wins for Old Dominion? Preposterous!). Second, it means college football will be here before you can say, “I can’t wait for college football to get here so I can lose my money on it.”

Well, I’ll tell you what: I can’t wait for college football to get here so I can lose my money on it. Bovada released its annual totals today, and Penn State’s is 8. Before you hem and haw about how that’s too high, the under is the solid favorite at -180, while the over price is +140.

The last bet I made was the Seattle Mariners moneyline against the Chicago Cubs on Sunday, so you might not want to read this advice paragraph. That said, I don’t see Penn State getting to nine wins. You could pencil in @ Michigan and vs. Ohio State as very probable losses. Penn State is also the underdog at Pitt, and should be a coin flip vs. Iowa and vs. Michigan State. Even if the Lions go 1-2 in that trio, they’d have to run the rest of the table, which contains some possibly tricky match-ups vs. Temple, at Indiana, and against a bowl opponent. I like Penn State to go 7-5 in the regular season, so I’d take the relatively tall under price and get my money back if it gets to 8 in the bowl game.

*Penn State goes 12-0*

Some other spreads of interest:

  • Pitt’s is the exact same, prices and all, as Penn State’s.
  • Temple edges both at 8.5 (o: -300, u: +200).
  • Michigan is 10.5 (EVEN, -130). Ohio State is 9 (-320, +200).
  • Rutgers is 6 (+200, -300).

You can see the spreads for yourself here.

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