Roar Lions Roundtable: Temple Final Score Predictions

By Bill DiFilippo on September 16, 2016 at 10:30 am
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The last time Penn State played Temple, things went...uh...poorly. The Nittany Lions lost to the Owls in Philadelphia, 27-10, to kick off the 2015 season. We said it was the worst game of the last four years, the lowest on-field point of the Sanction Era. It was, in every sense of the word, awful.

But tomorrow is a latter day, friends. Both teams are 1-1 and Temple, while no longer a laughing stock, is in a down year after last year's magical 10-4 season. Our staff gives its predictions for what they think will go down on Saturday afternoon in Beaver Stadium. Hint: points.

Chris Grovich: The "new normal" for PSU continues. This would ordinarily be a prime letdown spot if Penn State didn't get demolished by Temple in Philly last year. The offense continues to flourish and the defense continues to do whatever is the opposite of "flourish." Wilt? Die on the vine? Yes, that.

Penn State 37, Temple 24

Mike Treb: The Lions are SICK OF IT. Offense sprays fire, the defense patches together 11 healthy (?) bodies, and the squad does not -- and will not! -- forget last year's season-opening wedgie, as delivered by the Temple Owls.

Penn State 63, Temple 17

Dan Smith: I expect Penn State to have this wrapped up sometime in the third quarter. After last week's game, there is no longer a concern about overlooking Temple for Michigan. They're going to want to prove to themselves that they can whoop up on a lesser opponent after the frustrations of the Pitt game. And with a week for the injury fill-ins to prepare for increased reps, the defense should be better than last week.

Penn State 45, Temple 17

Craig Fritz: Owls, thanks for coming out. The Nittany Lions are pissed off and ready to exact revenge from last year's embarrassment. Temple lost a ton from its defense and is still likely without their star RB. Lions roll.

Penn State 44, Temple 18

Len Damico: I see the gloves coming off here, with Franklin joyriding his new offense a bit to see what it can do. There will be full and luxurious use of all four of his downs, no punts from plus territory, and in general, bombs over Boalsburg. Pay no attention to the handsome gentleman sheepishly whistling and pulling the tarp over the defense in the back of the garage.

Penn State 51, Temple 24

Peter Berkes: The offense showed it can put up points last week, and this time they'll lean more heavily on Barkley to move the ball, which should mean a good day for him, numbers-wise. The defense can hopefully continue the form they found in the second half against Pitt, and this will hopefully be put to bed early.

Penn State 38, Temple 17

Kevin Fay: Close, emotional losses can swing a team one way or another. I saw a number of positive things in the loss that tell me this one will motivate and point this team down the right path. Temple will run for at least 150, but that won't matter as Penn State's offense rolls heading in to a big one in Ann Arbor.

Penn State 48, Temple 20

Sean Baker: State jumps off to a quick 14-0 lead, and methodically chips away from there. While I don’t like the “playing angry” narrative attached to this game following last Saturday’s heartbreaker (a letdown *could* happen), I have to believe Penn State puts together a relatively seamless attack. There’s still going to be plenty of ugh here, but I like the matchup overall.

Penn State 37, Temple 20

Doug Leeson: As much as I want us to drop 50 points on the Owls as revenge for last year's miserable opener, I also have to keep in mind that I've never gotten what I want when watching sports. The Nittany Lions are a much better team but I'm afraid this will be one of those weird 7-7 games at halftime before Penn State really heats up.

Penn State 27, Temple 14

Dan Vecellio: This isn’t the 2015 version of the Owls that will make their way into Beaver Stadium on Saturday. Last week, the Nittany Lions proved that their offense could rattle off points when they took care of the ball and I think that will continue against Temple. The defense, still getting used to DC Brent Pry and dealing with plugging guys in due to early-season injuries, will look to improve upon last week’s dreadful performance, but will surely still experience a few bumps in the road.

Penn State 42, Temple 24

Matt de Bear: If not for last year’s disastrous opener in Philly, I would be terrified about this game. Coming off last week’s tough loss in Pittsburgh, the letdown factor would normally be high. But, thanks to the Owls’ dominating win in 2015, Penn State uses that motivation, plus the feelings of last week’s near miss to win a comfortable “not as close as it looks” game over Temple.

Penn State 38, Temple 24

Nick Polak: I would realllly like to see the defense give up fewer than 17 points, but I don't think that's on the table right now. And in all honesty, if they can get away with it, I'd prefer guys with some injury problems like Brandon Bell, to spend a good portion of the game on the sidelines as preparation for Michigan. However, I feel pretty good about Penn State's offense after the Pitt game,  so I wouldn't be surprised to see them put up another 30-something points. I'm confident that the coaching staff knows how excited everyone will be for the season if they can prove that the offense is truly for real, so I don't expect to see Coach Tuddies put the brakes on, even if the second team makes its way into the game.

Penn State 38, Temple 17

Tom Kelly: So, our defense has some holes. Some might say that those holes are cartoonishly large. I think that against this year's Temple team, that'll be fine. I'd much prefer to see our starting linebackers on the sidelines for this game rather than one against, say, Michigan. Besides, you guys saw our offense during the second half of the Pitt game, right? Joe Moorhead is a wizard, and I think that he's going to floor it this weekend and really let us witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station offense.

Penn State 37, Temple 20

John Morgan: If you're going to dominate th.... ahhh nevermind. Though the defense looked bad Saturday, Temple's offense isn't of the caliber of Pitt's (GOD, THAT HURT TO WRITE.) The offense will continue to get better and Penn State will pull away in the second half.

Penn State 31, Temple 16

Noel Purcell: [He only gave us a score but he's expecting a whoopin']

Penn State 45, Temple 13

Bill DiFilippo: I don't think the game is as close as you'd think by that scoreline (I sound like Pat Narduzzi, I apologize) – maybe the kind of game where it's 31-10 heading into the fourth quarter and Penn State has Temple at arms length, so the second teamers come in. I think the Nittany Lion defense bounces back after last week's game, while DaeSean Hamilton and Trace McSorley connect for at least two touchdowns.

Penn State 34, Temple 20

What do you think? Blowout? Close game? Win? Loss? Let us know in the comments.

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