Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis Reacts To Meeting Joey Julius

By Dan Vecellio on September 25, 2016 at 10:52 am
Joey Julius clotheslines Jourdan Lewis to hell

Michigan All-American DB Jourdan Lewis made his season debut for the Wolverines yesterday in their 49-10 dismantling of our Nittany Lions. He was welcomed back to Big Ten play by human semi-truck, Penn State kicker Joey Julius. You know this already. But watch again anyway. 

There was not much for Penn State fans to find joy in from yesterday's game, but another Big Toe big hit was one of them. Resident RLR Twitter poet @treblaw wanted to remind fans of that by sending out a tweet (REMINDER: Never tweet). You can look at the replies to see how a Michigan Man responds to light-hearted sarcasm. 

Thankfully, Jourdan Lewis is able to laugh at the situation after acknowledging the power that our "luxuriously, oversized son" wields on special teams coverage. 

You played great while shaking off the rust yesterday, Jourdan. Spend a day in the ice bath and hopefully we'll see you on an All-America list again at the end of this season before you finally graduate and we don't have to deal with your greatness in the Big Ten ever again.