We Translated the Spanish Broadcast of Grant Haley's Thrilling 60-yard Touchdown Return Against Ohio State

By Mike Treb on October 23, 2016 at 3:35 pm
Penn State cornerback Grant Haley celebrates as the Nittany Lions defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

What were you doing when Marcus Allen blocked a Buckeye field-goal attempt, Grant Haley scooped the wayward football and scored from 60 yards out to put Penn State ahead for good, 24-21?

Did you exhibit the controlled excitement of Steve Jones on the Penn State radio broadcast? Or were you yelling and laughing, like the Spanish-language broadcast crew that called Saturday night's wild Whiteout matchup at Beaver Stadium before 107,000-plus people?


I took it upon myself to roughly translate the call, using my eight years of Spanish and my personal standing as the son of a retired high school Spanish teacher. Again, this is a rough translation, but here goes:

Announcer 1: " ... They changed the scheme for this ... (inaudible) 'butterfingers' (laughter from Announcer 2).

This is the most interesting part of the game. If [Ohio State kicker] Tyler Durbin connects, it'll be a difference of seven.

At this point, Allen blocks the kick and all hell breaks loose as Haley picks up the ball and dashes toward the end zone.

Let's see if he can return it ... (laughter) Let's see if he can stop him (laughter) ...

(inaudible) Touchdown! (laughter)

Penn State for a touchdown!

Penn State for a touchdown, indeed. We're all still laughing and shaking our heads and celebrating today.