Meet the Man Behind the Ohio State YouTube Video Meltdown

By Mike Treb on October 27, 2016 at 10:31 am

Like many Ohio State fans last weekend, Kevin needed an avenue to vent frustration over his Buckeyes’ impending upset loss, courtesy of the previously unranked Nittany Lions.

Kevin, a longtime Buckeye fan and Dayton, Ohio resident, just happened to do that venting on a webcam that recorded a video that found its way to YouTube and has been viewed nearly 60,000 times since last Saturday night.

Penn State fans caught wind of Kevin’s videos and soon were basking in his pure agony.

Granted, Kevin had some dismissive things to say about Penn State’s bowl chances (“Where are they going? They’re going to the Armed Forces Bowl.”), broadcaster Chris Fowler (“ ‘Landmark victory,’ … Shut up, Fowler!”) and the Nittany Lions overall (“I mean, congratulations to Penn State, this is a big wi -- ohhhh they sacked [J.T. Barrett] again!”).

Kevin, who goes by FZappa20 on his YouTube channel, has more than 5,000 subscribers. When he’s not working his day job in a family-owned machine shop, Kevin takes to YouTube to preview and analyze Ohio State and Cleveland Brown games, recap episodes of Game of Thrones, and review setlists of his favorite band, Phish.

Despite his status as a Renaissance man, Penn State fans wasted little time making FZappa20 into a meme following his publicly searchable meltdown:

You get the idea.

Amid the internet silliness, RLR reached out to Kevin aka FZappa20 to get his side of the story. Following is a lightly edited Q&A I had with him via email.

Q: I'm sure you're aware that you've become a celebrity in the Penn State circle of the internet for your recap/reaction video. What's your reaction to people taking joy in your misery?
A: I don't have any real dislike for PSU fans, so I am OK with it. It will make a victory next season even more rewarding.

Q: Why hit publish on that video?
A: After watching it myself, I saw some entertainment value. I underestimated just how many people would view the video, but I assumed it would add a few people to my subscriber list. I'm always looking to add to my usually small audience.

Kevin, aka FZappa20, reacts to the Baltimore Ravens blocking a Cleveland Browns' field-goal attempt, and returning it for a touchdown.
Last weekend was the second time one of Kevin's football teams lost because of a blocked field goal for a touchdown. The first was the Browns against the Ravens in 2015. (YouTube/FZappa20)

Q: You've witnessed a couple of games recently that featured shocking field goal blocks (going back to last year's Browns/Ravens game, which you again posted online). What gives with the field goal blocks?
A: Not just blocked field goals, but blocked field goals returned for game-winning TDs. A horrible way to lose.

Q: How long have you been an Ohio State fan? How did you come about being a fan of the team?
A: Early ‘90s. The John Cooper era. The area I'm from is Buckeye country. I was born with it.

Q: Your all-time favorite Buckeye?
A: Troy Smith.

Q: What's the worst Ohio State loss you've experienced? Where does Penn State's win Saturday rank for you?
A: Florida loss in the national championship game. The PSU loss hurts because I was just starting to believe this team could win it all.

Q: What’s the best Ohio State victory you’ve experienced?
A: The win over Alabama in the playoff. Felt great to smash the SEC champs

Q: Why do you think the Buckeyes were upset? What are three things?
1. OSU wide receivers could not get open
2. PSU’s ability to complete long passes
3. PSU having a bye week was a big advantage. It showed in the 4th quarter.

Q: You had some choice words for Chris Fowler and have retracted them since. So who's your favorite sports broadcaster?
A: Gus Johnson.

Q: Least favorite?
A: Joe Buck.

Q: I noticed you also do Browns previews/recap videos. Why do game recaps? How'd you get into this?
A: I love talking about sports and my favorite TV shows. Who doesn't? But living in Dayton, Ohio, I encounter a lot of idiots. The internet is the perfect outlet. While I don't have any false dreams, I knew I had some ability to entertain.

Q: Do you ever regret putting yourself out there like that on video?
A: Yeah, I sometimes regret my physical appearance. My look after the Viginia Tech loss comes to mind.

Kevin breaks down a Phish setlist from Chula Vista.
Kevin analyzes Phish's setlist from its July 23 show in Chula Vista, Calif. (YouTube/FZappa20)

Q: How many Phish shows have you attended in-person?
A: I've been to 27 Phish shows, which isn't much considering I just found out some 6-year-old kid is going to attend his 30th this weekend in Vegas.

Q: Best episode of Game of Thrones?
A: The block of episodes that featured Arya and The Hound.

Kevin told me he’s gotten over the game and he’s also "forgiven" Fowler.

You can subscribe to Kevin aka FZappa20’s YouTube channel here or follow him on Twitter here or here.

Thanks for being a good sport, Kevin. And sorry for this:


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