Roar Lions Roundtable: No. 24 Penn State Nittany Lions at Purdue Boilermakers

By Matt de Bear on October 28, 2016 at 9:30 am
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Penn State heads to the exact opposite of last weekend's White Out atmosphere: a nooner in West Lafayette. The Boilermakers are playing out the string under an interim staff, but did show some life in a close loss last week in Lincoln. Let's hope the RLR staff is a little more accurate this week than last.

Rob Dougherty - I am a petrified Penn State fan of trap games and this is the biggest trap game of trap games. 12 pm road game after the biggest win since 2008. Shit on trap games.

Penn State 35 Purdue 10

Mike Treb - Teams ready to take the leap use games like this as an opportunity to absolutely mash. Letdown? I don't know. Slow start? Eh. Overlooking the opponent? I suppose anything is possible, given our collective pessimism against the Buckeyes going into last Saturday. Fear not, friends. The Nittany Lions are ready to mash

Penn State 51, Purdue 20

Sean Baker - Slow start, but State goes into half up 10 and never lets off the gas. Barkley gets 20+ carries and Purdue turns the rock over at least twice. It's never in doubt... at least it better not be.

Penn State 34, Purdue 17

Nick Polak - I think Penn State starts slowly in this one. A noon start after an all-time upset is typically grounds for a huge let down. Luckily for the Nittany Lions, they're facing Purdue. While the Boilermakers are an improved offensive squad, they simply can't hang with Joe Moorhead's offense. And if the Penn State defense shows up like they did against the Buckeyes? It could be a long day for the home squad.

Put me down for 3 McSorley tuddies (1 on the ground), 160 and a tuddy for Barkley, and 100 and a tuddy for Miles Sanders. Toss in a few more sacks for Garrett Sickels too.

Penn State 41, Purdue 17

Craig Fritz - Purdue is in total turmoil with an interim coach, 9 wins in three years and not much talent compared to the rest of the B1G. If Penn State wants to continue its rise to the upper echelon of the conference, convincing road wins against bad teams are necessary. The Boilers can't hang with this pride.

Penn State 44, Purdue 17

Chris Grovich - No trap game here. If it was Indiana instead of Purdue, sure. Not Purdue. Besides, trap games are for consistently good teams that get complacent. Penn State is a team that just figured out that it was good a few weeks ago. Brandon Bell and Jason Cabinda just returned to the lineup after a month of the shelf. I imagine they're still hungry, even after four amazing quarters against Ohio State. Oh, and Miles Sanders is housing one this week. 

Penn State 35, Purdue 14

Peter Berkes - I'm wary of a trap game scenario here, but Purdue already had their dead cat bounce last week against Nebraska, and this week it's back to just another week. Penn State should be able to run the ball and control the game without too much of a problem. I expect a slow start before pulling away comfortably in the second half.

Penn State 38, Purdue 13

Kevin Fay - Penn State's run game will dictate this game. Maryland ran all over them and won big. Penn State will try to do the same. I think the have some success and pull away comfortably

Penn State 45, Purdue 10

Len Damico - In every meaningfully measurable way, Purdue is a dumpster fire. They can't stop anyone, have only moved the ball successfully in garbage time, and stink on special teams. All the ingredients for a Penn State romp are there, if they can stay focused and not play down to their opponent. 

Penn State 44, Purdue Pete's dead, lifeless eyes 12

Dan Smith - This has all the hallmarks of a trap game scenario because it's after the biggest game of the season and right before the next big game. It's on the road, it's at noon, it's in an empty stadium, it's against a team it's very easy to overlook. But the thing I keep coming back to is that they're just too bad to lose to. There is too large of a talent gap for Penn State to lose this game. I have enough stress in my life, I'm not talking myself into worrying about this game.

Penn State 41, Purdue 13

Dan Vecellio - 

Penn State 38, Purdue 10

Doug Leeson - The Nittany Lions might have a slow start to this game if they focus on consistent offense, since they had pretty much no long drives last week and have relied very heavily on big plays. Penn State can blow out Purdue on big plays alone, but can Joe Moorhead get his offense to move the ball methodically?

Penn State 31, Neil Armstrong University 10

John Morgan - I think it's natural to fear a letdown game, but I'm still thinking that's the Indiana game. I'm predicting a sluggish start, but in the end, the ever improving offensive line will control the game and Penn State will win with relative ease.

Penn State 31, Purdue 9

Bill DiFilippo - I expect this to be faaaaaaairly comfortable by Penn State. Yes, this has letdown game written all over it, but I'm not sure Purdue is good enough to take advantage of that (if this were, say, Indiana, I'd be far more concerned). But I think the Nittany Lions are able to move the ball fairly well, while I have no confidence in the Boilermakers to consistently do the same.

Penn State 35, Purdue 13

Matt de Bear - I am going to level with you here. For some reason which I cannot possibly understand, this game was a little concerning to be before the season. Wedged between big home night games against Ohio State and Iowa, a noon trip to West Lafayette screamed danger. But then I remembered Purdue is very not good. I don't think the Lions will be particularly sharp, especially at the outset, but they will out-talent the Boilermakers in this one. 

Penn State 38, Purdue 16

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