Video: Watch This Penn State Fan Launch Himself Off An RV While Tailgating the Big Ten Championship

By Mike Treb on December 5, 2016 at 11:00 am

We all deal with nerves and tension before a big Penn State game differently.

Some of us pace the living room. Some pour over S&P statistics to help ease the mind and assure a victory mentally. Others make 11 crockpot dishes to consume later in the evening. Some drink. And some launch themselves off an RV in an Indianapolis parking lot multiple hours before the Big Ten Championship.

Meet this Penn State fan who did just such a (fill in the blank) stunt last Saturday afternoon. He jumps off the roof, aiming to land in the trusting arms of his fellow Nittany Lion tailgaters, who promptly drop him on the ground.

Below is another angle showing how close this dude was to smashing his melon on the ground.

Look at that form! It's incredible! (And so, so, so very dangerous. We do not condone this type of activity whatsoever.).

Oh, there's more from the man, Eric Schneider. Here he is, post-launch, talking about what he just did.

"I jumped off an RV ... We're!"

He said, "We're!" What else can he can do? Wonder what this fella's encore is for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena? Jumping into one of the parade floats?

Here's Eric, in his own words on his Twitter account.

Go, State. Beat the Trojans.

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