Penn State Offensive Coordinator Joe Moorhead Has Fun on Twitter, Dunks on His Doubters

By Mike Treb on December 6, 2016 at 8:00 am
Penn State offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead speaks to the media while head coach James Franklin listens.
Craig Houtz, 247Sports
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By all accounts, Joe Moorhead is a mild-mannered family man and respected coach with a skillful handle of how to use playmakers and exhibit a killer instinct on the football field.

During a season that's seen a stunningly potent offensive turnaround led by the former Fordham head coach, Penn State's offensive coordinator also has developed a penchant for dunking on his haters and doubters on Twitter. Sometimes it's really subtle; sometimes it's not. But, every time, it's great.

For example, Moorhead set his sights this week on a story/tweet combo from ESPN, which talked to anonymous Big Ten coaches ahead of the conference championship game in Indianapolis. One coach, anonymously, posited that Penn State wouldn't be able to score more than 17 points on Wisconsin.

Of course, Penn State dumped 38 points on the Badgers, 24 of which came in the second half. Let 'em have it, Joe!

Moorhead also went on a mini-liking spree on Twitter after the 38-31 title game victory, finding tweets from people dogging on his abilities and hitting "like," which lets those users know he knows. He sees you, friends -- even when his name is misspelled.

There also are tweets he came across before last weekend's thrilling win, such as this one that dropped before Penn State walloped Michigan State by 33 points:

Moorhead even sees the (ridiculous) calls for Penn State to go under center and incorporate a fullback. He "liked" this gem from mid-November:

But, really, Moorhead, who is becoming a hot coaching commodity in college football, doesn't overly focus on the negative. His Twitter account is filled with positive messages, team sayings, inspirational quotes, nice comments from Fordham players/staff and pictures of him with fans.

He also throws "likes" to a variety of fun, lighthearted things, including the proliferation of "tuddies," which has led to fans (and this website, in particular) deeming Moorhead to be Coach Tuddies:

He's a good sport, a good tweeter and an even better football coach. 

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