Video: FZappa20 Has a Special Message For Chris Fowler and Penn State Fans

By Mike Treb on December 8, 2016 at 8:00 am
YouTube user FZappa20, an Ohio State fan who melted down on video after Penn State upset the Buckeyes in October.

Since recording and posting a hilarious meltdown on YouTube after his beloved Buckeyes lost to Penn State earlier this year, friend of the blog FZappa20 is back with a message for Chris Fowler and Penn State fans everywhere.

You might recall FZappa20, aka Kevin, made several sarcastic remarks on a YouTube video as Penn State was finishing up a stunning win over Ohio State in Beaver Stadium.

Setting the scene: It’s 4th-and-23, on what will end up being the Buckeyes’ final play of the game.

YouTube user FZappa20 has turned on his video about a minute earlier, looking to vent about Ohio State’s impending loss to Penn State.

The target of his anger is ABC broadcaster Chris Fowler, who is setting the scene of the Nittany Lions’ eventual victory. FZappa20 doesn’t want to hear it and instead would like to disparage Penn State and the theoretical (and dismissive) bowl he thinks they’ll play in.

But before YouTube user FZappa20 can spit out the rest of his insults, the Nittany Lions swarm J.T. Barrett, essentially ending the game.

“ ‘Landmark victory ... ’ “ Shut up, Fowler!

Where are they going? They’re going to the Armed Forces Bowl. I mean, congratulations to Penn State, this is a big wi -- ohhhh they sacked him again!

Of course, we now know Penn State is not going to the Armed Forces Bowl. Rather, the Nittany Lions are heading to the Rose Bowl after ripping off nine straight wins and securing the Big Ten title outright.

Being the serious, hard-hitting Penn State website we are, I took it upon myself to once again reach out to Kevin, who was a good sport when I interviewed him in October, and ask him to re-enact his "Shut up Fowler" moment -- just with a slight tweak.

Notice that he put the camera at the same angle and put on the same shirt as when he had his original meltdown in October. The man is a pro.

In fact, Kevin/FZappa20 has become a favorite of Penn State fans for his outbursts and willingness to poke fun at himself. 

He's even spawned imitators (hi, Jason, Joe and Jon!) who yelled FZappa20 lines at people in Indianapolis ... who ... kind of look like him?

And lest we forget: FZappa20 correctly predicted that the season wasn't over (it wasn't!) and that Ohio State could win out (they did!) and still make the College Football Playoff (they did!).

Watch the full meltdown video below again, follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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