Never Tweet: Penn State Twitter Spends Sunday Night Roasting the Pitt Twitter Account

By Mike Treb on January 9, 2017 at 8:00 am
The Pittsburgh Panthers offense lines up against the Penn State Nittany Lions defense during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. PITT won 42-39.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Pittsburgh's football program, fresh off an 8-5 season and a crushing loss to Northwestern (which was only the third bowl victory in the Wildcats' 140-year history), decided Sunday to pick a fight with Penn State.

And Penn State Twitter, as is required by Internet law, roasted Pitt right back.

Never Tweet

Sunday afternoon, the Panthers' official Twitter account, @Pitt_FB, posted a winking emoji and a picture of return man Quadree Henderson running past a diving Joey Julius.

Why post it? The image of a prone Julius is from Pitt's 42-39 win over Penn State last September at Heinz Field. In the mind of many Pitt fans, that loss is supposed to erase 11 wins, an outright Big Ten title and playing in the most exciting Rose Bowl in its illustrious history, which the Nittany Lions lost on a walk-off field goal to a USC team that could be ranked top-3 in 2017. 

Meanwhile, Pitt dropped the Pinstripe Bowl to Northwestern in Yankee Stadium. But, by all means, please do continue to play the "42-39" card for the next 25 years.

Still feeling its oats, Pitt a few minutes later went on to tweet out a stat about them serving up the only combined loss between Alabama and Clemson (Pitt won at Clemson in a really quite impressive victory):

Drag 'Em

Insulted by this egregious, targeted post (the Internet is a very, very serious place), Penn State Twitter decided to litter the Pitt football account with derisive pictures, vines, photoshops, gifs, mocking statements and more.


(I had to get one in there.)

When people started responding, the Pitt football Twitter account began blocking users left and right, employing the vaunted I-Am-Not-Perturbed-It's-Actually-Humorous-To-Me defense

God almighty, the rematch on Sept. 9, 2017 at Beaver Stadium cannot come soon enough.

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