Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Tuddies

By John Morgan on August 3, 2017 at 8:30 am
Jan 2, 2017; Pasadena, CA, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions running back Saquon Barkley (26) celebrates his touchdown with tight end Mike Gesicki (88) during the second quarter against the USC Trojans of the 2017 Rose Bowl game at Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Per Merriam-Webster "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary."

1.  RLR:  the act of crossing a football behind an opponent's goalline;  specifically :  the act of scoring six points in American football by being lawfully in possession of the ball on, above, or behind an opponent's goal line when the ball is declared dead

2:  This is not a word

It's been a year since Roar Lions Roar launched, and we have tried to make it fun. Penn State fans longed for a fun, exciting offense. After two seasons, James Franklin made a change at offensive coordinator and replaced John Donovan with Joe Moorhead.

Our own Mike Treb provided an explanation of this non-word on day two of the blog and now the genie was out of the bottle. The blind belief in Joe Moorhead only fueled this further. We wanted tuddies in 2016 and we went all-in on the man who could deliver them.

I went back on Twitter to check how this thing that isn't a word evolved.

Love is certainly blind.

The made up word and the mythical creature we hoped would bring us offense less than a week into Roar Lions Roar. Can't start a fire without a spark.

Bet the over.

Remember Sam because he's a pioneer for the students.

I beg to differ, but school is where you should learn the difference between were and where.

Roar Lions Roar is lucky to have a friend like @j_a155.

The season was upon us.

The drink of choice.

.... and we're off.

Just wait.  

Penn State Instagram on board.

Pitt game which ended poorly, but this tweet has life.

Out of context tweet, but agree wholeheartedly.

Temple game got the folks thinking.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear headsets.

What the heck?  Northwestern in on Tuddies.

Ohio State game week.  Sam is back.

It was a night to remember and yes, I believe that is a USS Franklin hat Ethan is wearing.

Yes, yes they are.

The second half of the Purdue game was fun and the offense had found a rhythm. 

November 2nd should be a national holiday for Coach Tuddies.

Another out of context tweet, but we would have to agree.

The Iowa game, it too was a blast.

The Indiana game was a struggle and a trap game, but Penn State pulled it out.

Rutgers was a mere formality, but the in terrible weather, the tuddies prevailed.

The shameless promotion of the Roar Lions Roar Tuddies shirt began.

In our opinion, it's a catchy, fun term.

Ohio State had beaten Michigan at this point and after a slow start, Penn State eyed the Big Ten East division championship.

Penn State captures the iconic Land Grant Trophy and it was on to the Big Ten Championship game.

Joe Moorhead was named a finalist for the Broyles Award. Though he didn't win, his offense was a work of art.

Wide receivers coach Josh Gattis was in on the Tuddies hashtag now.

Gameday spotted a sign by none other than Sam Watson from earlier in the year.


After a slow start vs. Wisconsin, the second half team was at it again and now the Penn State football account was tweeting it out.

Then the wheeeeeel route happened. 

After winning the Big Ten, several of the Roar Lions Roar staff met the creator of Tuddies.

Spreading that holiday cheer.

The Rose Bowl gameday had finally arrived along with noted Tuddies supporter and CEO of the Alumni Association, Paul Clifford.

Then Saquon Barkely was ready to take a stroll down this lane.

An all-time classic run.  Simply unbelievable.

Tuddies were in full effect at this point.  

I am afraid we have some bad news.

As a matter of fact, yes. Though Penn State lost, it was an explosion of offense that will never be forgotten.

Gattis back again with a Tuddies reference and foreshadowing 2017, which could be a special one.

It's closer now, but we are looking for them as well.


Tight ends coach and passing game coordinator Ricky Rahne adding to the expectation of 2017 Tuddies.

There you have it, a look back at a year of Tuddies. We agree with the weird bot account, that Tuddies are crazy. We hope you have had fun with it because that is really the point of it all.

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