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By Tom Kelly on September 22, 2017 at 8:00 am
Flying is illegal in Iowa

Iowa! It's certainly a state that exists. I'm going to level with you - all I really know about Iowa is that Children of the Corn is a famous documentary about Iowans, there's an annual state fair where multiple stands that one can buy fried ice cream exist for some reason, and that Kirk Ferentz is the state's eternal for-now-benevolent emperor.

I had made a point of ignoring Iowa as a concept after witnessing the game that will never be spoken of in person. Sadly, now I know that Iowa message boards are full of hot takes.

So, so many hot takes.

hahaha who looks at silly things like scores

Yep, just couldn't convert 4th down plays aaaaand score at least another 27 points. Last year was such a close game, guys!

Because only NERDS like the color pink.

Like ignoring it the way seemingly everyone else does?

oh that's cute

Correction: You beat the old P St (sidenote: ???). And yes, every team (both college and pro) dreams of having their super bowl in Iowa City. I'm sure Roger Goodell dreams of moving the Jaguars there someday just so he can finally hold the Iowa super bowl that he's been plotting for his entire career. ONE DAY, GOODELL.

Damn, dude. Don't sugarcoat it or anything.

I think the factor that Mr. Doofus is forgetting about here is that PSU is going to be raving-loon level mad about having to go to Iowa in the first place.

And good lord man, it's going to be have to be a pretty bad game to get me that depressed.

Ahhhh, that's more like it.

Whoa whoa whoa, call us the worst (and apparently worse than that) all you want, but MACreligious takes will not be tolerated on this website.


I really, really hope that this person at least took their radio out to dinner first.

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