Rich Eisen with a 6-Yard Head Start is Not Faster Than Saquon Barkley

By Rob Dougherty on March 6, 2018 at 11:21 am
Rich Eisen is not as fast as soon to be NFL Rookies.

Brian Spurlock - USA Today Sports

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After Saquon Barkley's dazzling display at the NFL Combine, he had one more test to endure: whether he was faster than Rich Eisen with a six-yard head start. Every year, Eisen runs the 40-yard dash, and he runs it at a very normal, working guy pace. This year, Eisen's time was 5.97, a respectable number considering he is in a suit and 48-years old. 

The NFL Network has made a mockery year after year of Eisen's goodhearted and genuine attempts to run fast. Eisen takes it in stride, and laughs it off, but it must eat away at him. Try as Eisen might, father time and not being an athlete has made his attempts to run as fast as even the slowest rookies impossible. It has to weigh on him, it would weigh on anyone. He went to Michigan, they don't like being second to anyone. Third place is a different matter, however. That doesn't stop Eisen from trying though. One day he'll beat a rookie, maybe, but probably not. 

Saquon would obviously beat Eisen if they started at the same time. Saquon is a world class athlete, and Eisen lacks a few* of the physical necessities to beat Saquon in a race (*all). However, what if Eisen was given a head start? What if Eisen can turn back the clock on father time for just five or six seconds and beat Saquon when given a lead? The NFL Network gave us a preview of what the race looks like: 

It is confirmed, Rich Eisen with a six-yard head start is still not faster than Saquon Barkley. This probably was among the greatest concerns for front offices around the league, and Saquon passed the test in flying colors. He can now be drafted first overall. 

Better luck next year, Rich. 

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