What Should Penn State Use As a Turnover Prop?

By Nick Polak on September 14, 2018 at 8:00 am
Sep 1, 2018; Troy, AL, USA; Boise State Broncos cornerback Tyler Horton (14) celebrates with teammates and sits in the turnover throne after returning a fumble for a touchdown during the second half against the Troy Trojans at Veterans Memorial Stadium.
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Remember when Miami introduced their turnover chain? It was fun, and it turned out to be quite the motivator as the Hurricane defense was a turnover machine.

Since then, tons of other programs have followed suit. Here are just a few of the turnover props around college football aside from Miami.

  • Oregon's turnover chain
  • Kennesaw State's turnover plank
  • Florida State's turnover backpack
  • Boise State's turnover throne
  • Memphis's turnover robe
  • Tulane's turnover beads
  • Louisville's turnover belt and gloves
  • SMU's turnover crown and chalice
  • Alabama's turnover belt
  • Colorado State's turnover belt
  • Ohio's turnover belt
  • Temple's turnover whiteboard (you write anything you want!)

So yeah, there are a lot. And there's probably more I couldn't find on the internet, because in a copycat world, this is currently the most copycat-able thing there is.

So in the interest of joining in on the fun, we here at Roar Lions Roar have come up with a few of our own ideas for a Penn State turnover prop. Shall we begin?

The Turnover West halls Cookie

What could be better than walking off the field after grabbing an interception or forcing a fumble, than having a fresh-out-of-the-oven, so-warm-you-need-to-put-it-in-a-bowl chocolate chip cookie from the West Halls dining hall waiting for you?

Well, there are probably some better things hence the fact that this appears first on the list, but still! These guys love to eat, so this would be a great motivator.


The Turnover Grilled Sticky

While we're on the topic of food, the Turnover Grilled Sticky has to be an option. They can keep a stove on the sideline so they can properly heat them up and have them ready for consumption. And at the end of the game, if there are any extras, they can throw them into the stands! Win-win.

The Turnover Toast

Because toast with the logo is the only kind of toast that anyone needs.


Immediately upon forcing a turnover, a commissioned sculptor begins chiseling away at one of many marble blocks outside of the stadium in that player's likeness. With any luck, they'll retroactively immortalize past turnovers, and we'll get Marcus Allen standing over a Pitt player forever.

The Paternover Chain

Am I doing this right?

The Turnover Lion (Like, an Actual, Real Lion)

amani on a lion
Yes, this is Amani Oruwariye on a lion with a crossbow and a lightsaber as the President. Any other questions?

Credit where credit is due- Boise State's turnover throne is just about the coolest thing currently in college football. But you know what would be better? GETTING TO RIDE AROUND ON THE SIDELINES ON A LION AFTER A TURNOVER.




(Do I care that this isn't a "nittany" lion? No, no I don't.)

The Turnover PennLive Comment

You've made it back to Beaver Stadium yet again. It's your 43rd season in a row since you graduated, but nowadays you only make it up to the stadium once or twice each year. The gameday environment is becoming too much of a hassle these days. When you were in school, students tailgated with honor. But still, it's worth it to be back inside the purest and most beautiful stadium in sports.

The game is going well enough, though you've had just enough of all of this read-pass-option crap. "Either throw the ball or don't," you mutter under your breath. Suddenly, Robert Windsor tips a ball at the line, and...LaVar Arrington is there for the interception? "No Grandpa, that's Micah Parsons. He's a five-star freshman," your granddaughter informs you.

"A freshman wearing LaVar's number?" you wonder to yourself. On the field, Parsons turns up the sideline with his eyes on the end zone but is guided out of bounds at the 24-yard line. The play is over, but he's still running. You watch on as he continues to run the length of the sideline until he reaches an open laptop at the end of the bench. He furiously types away, appears to make a final click of the mouse, and is mobbed by his teammates.

Three minutes later, the Beaver Stadium scoreboard lights up with "Tweets from the Game". A father and his daughter celebrating a birthday. A group of women reuniting as roommates for the first time in nine years. Two young boys wearing No. 9 and No. 26 jerseys smile for the camera.

And then- what's this? It's hard to make out the Twitter handle, but you see the profile picture as a man wearing the same "409" jersey you have at home. You reach for your cheaters and strain your eyes. The account appears to be called "PennLive Comments", and they just tweeted something new. You squint to read the tweet. "Micah Parsons is the best linebacker to ever play the game. Period."

Seven hours later, you find yourself back at home. You're pleased with the day and with another Penn State win. Yet, there's something that just isn't sitting right. As your wife prepares a late dinner, you take a seat at your Dell desktop. You head to Yahoo! and search "pennsylvania live website".

Twenty-five clicks and three ads to find out who can't get a job in Hollywood anymore later, and you finally reach your destination. You crack your knuckles, smash that caps lock button, and begin airing all of your thoughts on the absurdity of freshmen playing without redshirting for a year first.

You click "post". You finally rest.

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