Last Minute Plans?: A Look at Some Places to Stay for the Ohio State Game on Airbnb

By John Morgan on September 28, 2018 at 9:30 am
Sep 15, 2018; University Park, PA, USA; A general view of Beaver Stadium prior to the game between the Kent State Golden Flashes and the Penn State Nittany Lions.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the hype is set on high, you might be getting that itch to take a trip to Penn State and you think it's too late. The only thing holding you back, aside from getting tickets, (that could be tough) is where could you stay? Well, first off, be aware of counterfeit tickets, but for anyone that travels to Penn State for games from out of town, it's no secret that getting a hotel room can be an issue, especially when it's the day before the game. If it's not the availability that's the problem, the prices can be pretty steep. As we near for the kickoff, we decided to look at some alternatives on Airbnb for the big clash with Ohio State game on Saturday. Here are a few interesting alternatives in the event you are in a bind. (Note: These places are going fast and may no longer be available.)

Tentrr - Dennis Alan Quarry Homestead


For just $135 a night, you can get a fully-equipped campsite 30 miles from Penn State. Not only do you get a tent, but you're in business with that deck/patio if you want the full outdoor experience. You could use Uber or Lyft back and forth and you would still be under what a hotel would cost for an evening. Here's a link for the full listing.

Camping in style

Camping in Style

This is one of the cooler options available for the Ohio State weekend. This is an RV and the listing states that if you get an RV pass, they will park it for you. Mobile Airbnb is quite the idea and though the pass may cost you a good bit, you're going to be in an RV lot without the hassle of actually dealing with driving the thing. This is another outdoor experience, but you are now amongst some of your closest stranger friends. Strike while the iron is hot right here.

10 miles from Penn State Stadium Camper for rent

10 Miles from Beaver

Rivals will always complain that Penn State is in the middle of nowhere. Well, that attempt at an insult has been put to rest, because Penn State is actually 10 miles from somewhere. Not only are you a mere 10 miles from campus, you are basically afforded a free trip to the zoo for a measly $350 a night. The photo says it all and if the price is right, here's your link to paradise.

Glamping State College -- The Linen Tent

Linen Tent

If you are thinking of getting married on short notice or just looking for something to protect you from the rain, this quaint option may be just the spot. It's a September game, so you would think that it won't be that cold and this is just the spot to come back and crash after a late kickoff. Sleep under the stars for just $200 a night and enjoy Central PA and possibly a Nittany Lions win.

There are also full homes, private rooms in a house and other options such as apartments available for any weekend, but you may pay a little more. Penn State is unique because the hotels make their money on football weekends primarily so it can sometimes be a drag trying to find a place. If you are one of those people that likes to procrastinate when making plans, we hope this helps in cementing your schemes for what will hopefully be an unforgettable weekend.