Watch: Unrivaled: The Penn State Football Story (Episode 5)

By Nick Polak on September 14, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Penn State's media team does a lot of things very well, but the production of Unrivaled: The Penn State Football Story might be their best work. They do an excellent job of giving everyone a look behind the scenes to give fans just a little extra insight into the inner-workings of the program.

Some highlights from this week's episode:

  • Brent Pry's legendary speech to open the episode
  • Mark May looking like a gigantic idiot after laughing at the notion of Lou Holtz predicting Penn State to a 42-14 win
  • James Franklin showing Narduzzi what a real pregame speech looks like
  • Tommy Stevens telling K.J. Hamler that "no one on the field can cover you"
  • More K.J. Hamler at 8:05ish
  • Franklin yelling "NO ONE RUNS THE BALL ON US" which, you know, worked out really well in the second half!
  • Kevin Givens getting into the backfield before the handoff was even made on a run play
  • More K.J. Hamler goodness at 12:22
  • And more!
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