CLANGA!: Joe Moorhead Reciprocrates Gift Basket by Sending James Franklin His Own

By John Morgan on September 15, 2018 at 9:30 am

In early August, Joe Moorhead sent out a tweet with a picture of a gift basket he had received from his former boss, James Franklin. On Friday, James Franklin tweeted out that he had received one of his own from the current Mississippi State head coach and it's pretty amazing. Last time, we broke down the pictures by ranking the gifts in the photo so we're going to do that again.

  • A "We Are" Mississippi State Cowbell: This thing is absolutely unreal. A custom cowbell with the We Are that replicates sculpture outside of the intramural building that was the 2012 Penn State class gift. I would buy this thing if they sold it.
  • Moxie Soda: I called it pop the last time because Moorhead is from Western Pennsylvania, but since it's for Franklin, we will call it soda. The soft drink has made appearances in staff meeting photos and it's great to see it carry on between the two head coaches. Not only did he get the drink, but old ad photos of baseball legend Ted Williams slinging some Moxie. 
  • Fortune Cookies: This is also a new wrinkle in the gift baskets, but we're choosing to believe these are custom made and each of them says something about Tuddies.
  • Panda Express Stuffed Panda: This may tie into the fortune cookies and as Franklin said in his tweet, it brought back some memories. If only Uncle Chen's had a stuffed animal.
  • Wardley Pellet Goldfish Food: We cannot confirm if James Franklin has a pet fish or if the football offices have one, but regardless, this is a further reminder of Joe Moorhead's amazing attention to detail. 
  • Paqui Nacho Cheese Chips: Moorhead sprinkled in a bunch of these within the basket and when thinking of the basket James Franklin sent. this is the equivalent of the white cheddar popcorn.
  • Pillsbury Funfetti Cookies: These are hiding out in the back of the picture, but this one may have been tagged for James Franklin's daughters.
  • Mug Root Beer: Franklin sent the Cherikee Red and gets a can of root beer in return. It's not a bad soft drink, but it's certainly no Cherikee Red.
  • 12-Pack of Uni Ball Pens: It's refreshing to know that Penn State's football coach likes a decent pen. The Uni Ball Point pens are solid and a fair trade from the Sharpie's Franklin sent.
  • Mountain Dew, Monster and Bai Drinks: James Franklin never seems to be short on energy, but Joe Moorhead wasn't going to chance it and loaded him up on some pick-me-ups. 

When Joe Moorhead came to Penn State, fans were looking for anything to give the program another boost and he certainly delivered. Moorhead jumped at the opportunity to lead Mississippi State and is off to a 2-0 start this season. The Bulldogs offense has scored 94 points in two games and Moorhead has captivated the fans in short time. Both coaches have each other to thank as they continue to thrive and their bond is fun to watch from the outside. It would be great to see the two meet again at midfield in Santa Clara on Jan. 7, 2019 and catch up on old times.