Holiday Shoppers Guide: Vintage Penn State Items on EBay

By John Morgan on December 7, 2018 at 9:09 am
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Penn State football is done with their regular season, and attention now turns towards the winter sports and the Citrus Bowl vs. Kentucky. It's the holiday season and if you need to shop for that person that loves Penn State, but refuses to give you a list, I am here for you.

Every now and then I like to take a look at eBay and search for that unique gift for the Nittany Lion fan in your life. As usual, I will plug Roar Lions Roar store where you can purchase the most comfortable shirts possible. After you buy one of those, here are some other suggestions of great gifts you can surprise someone with this season.

Penn State Nittany Lions PSU Satin Jacket Coat 


If that person you got in the grab bag is a bowler, then you just hit the jackpot. Though the front has no mention of Penn State, that back elastic portion of the jackets is right there for their opponents to see. This is size large, and in it, the lucky recipient will feel larger than life. Bidding starts at $9.99 so strike (bowling term) while the iron is hot.

Penn State Knit Beanie Cap Pom Hat 

Knit Hat

Winter is here, but you have that friend whose style is dragging behind. The knit beanie kills two birds with one stone in style and warmth. If you're looking for something for an elderly female in your life, you just put the rest of your family to shame with this hat. Imagine that cold 2019 football game and how you just provided a gift for someone to outshine 107,000 others. The bonus, this hat is priced to move and with the bidding slightly over five bucks, the time to act is now.

Nittany Lion Shot Glass

Shot Glass

Do you know someone who continuously watches Penn State's 4th and 5 vs. Ohio State on YouTube? This may help them through their masochism, but unfortunately doesn't double down as a time machine. Another gift in the five dollar range and makes a good stocking stuffer. Please drink responsibly.

Woody's Crying Towel


Whoa, baby! A vintage towel to absorb former Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes' tears. These are the rare items that make this search so fulfilling. In the pre-Big Ten era, this is one of those gifts that may bring back a stream of memories. The best part is if those memories bring someone to tears, they're already in business. This item is listed at $25 right now, so get in early before the auction takes off.


1982 Hat

YOU'RE GOING FOR THE BUNDLE! Goodness gracious, what a hat that commemorates Penn State's Sugar Bowl win over Georgia to win the 1982 National Championship. Though the foam in the hat may be deteriorating, this hat will ensure the memories don't suffer the same fate. Another one listed at $25, this is a steal since it's value has gone up less than a dollar in almost 26 years.

1978 Penn State University Gold & Black Scroll Belt Buckle 


I mean, come on with this beauty! If you've ever felt so inclined to gift someone who happens to contribute to a Penn State blog, I happen to know a guy. Sifting through James Franklin's Twitter mentions may seem like fun, but let me tell you, it's not (actually, I don't mind it). Regardless, this belt buckle is so great that anyone who got this as a gift would probably even go to lengths to figure out just how the heck belt buckles even work. Trust me, that $30 gift you're considering won't even compare to this. Not only will this gift lift pants, it will also lift spirits. Here's the link to eternal awesomeness.

Penn State Carved Wood Mascot 


Have any white elephant gift parties this year? If so, please buy this so I don't have to stumble upon it again. The wood carving is not to be mocked, but this is frightening. Put a hook in this and you have an ornament I guess. Remember when I mentioned gifting a Roar Lions Roar contributor? That no longer applies. For $18, this is yours and for an extra $5, you may even be able to get braces for it.

Rare Rathskeller Bottle Opener 


$80 for a bottle opener may seem steep, but if you have that one cousin that is planning on heading to a deserted island with a case of beer that can only be opened with an opener, the price is right. If not and you're nostalgic, a case of Rolling Rock ponies would be a good supplemental gift. 



Funny you should ask. We all know that one friend who has trouble breaking the ice and there may be no greater gift than this. This button doesn't just break the ice, but turns said ice into water with it's greatness. That button changes the topic and though I wouldn't recommend doing that, you can see for yourself here and get it for $20.

Penn State vs. Kentucky Pennant


When you think Penn State vs. Kentucky, the most common thought is when the basketball team went into Rupp Arena and beat the Wildcats. If you had to pick a second, Courtney Brown tormenting Tim Couch stands alone. What better way to send off that friend heading to the Citrus Bowl than a pennant to mark that game. $25 seems cheap if you're giving someone a gift to prove their fandom in Orlando.

1940's Wrestling Singlet


This is a big ticket item listed at $249.99. Though the listing suggests this could be a basketball uniform, the button-up crotch leads me to believe otherwise. This looks like a onesie for a baby, but the only one crying will be the person who opens this superb offering. Comfort may not be what sells this item, but the comfort of owning a piece of Penn State history will sooth the soul.

If you're not interested in fighting the crowds when shopping, I hope I have helped. The only crowd you will deal with is those other pesky bidders, but they too can be a pain. If none of those items are what you're looking for, this one from our site is great and timeless. 

Our State

Happy Holidays to you all!

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