Where Does Penn State Stand In The Way-Too-Early Rankings?

By Michael Stanley on January 9, 2019 at 4:45 pm
Penn State Quarterback Tommy Stevens
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Every year, for every sport, the very day after a season officially comes to a close, every media outlet puts out their rankings of teams for the following season. Let's take a look at where people see Penn State stacking up next year.

It's apparent some believe the Nittany Lions can simply reload, while others believe they're still a team that needs to rebuild. The elite teams reload, and the good-to-great teams need a year to rebuild with big departures. The Lions have an all-time great QB to replace, a very reliable running back, two starting offensive lineman, two reliable defensive linemen, a "starting" linebacker (although we all know Koa was basically only a starter in that he took the first snap), and two members of the secondary. This season will start to define if Penn State is joining the elite group that can simply reload. Let's take a look at where the Nittany Lions stand.

Yahoo sports

The staff over at Yahoo! has PSU at No. 14 in their rankings. They share their concern over their ability to replace all the talent heading to the NFL.

cbs sports

CBS has the Lions at No. 12. That seems pretty favorable, and they even make a pretty crazy prediction: Tommy Stevens for Heisman. (Okay, not exactly. But that's how I'm choosing to see that.)


ESPN has slotted Penn State at No. 17. They follow the common theme and point out the need to adequately replace the winningest and most productive QB in the school's history.

the athletic

The Athletic($) has the Lions at... No. 21. It's not necessarily the ranking itself feel so ludicrous but more so the teams listed ahead of them. It seems Mandel is more confident in Syracuse and Iowa State's ability to reload than Penn State's.


247 has the Lions in the most favorable spot: No. 10. While that may seem just the slightest bit generous, they seem to be the only outlet that appropriately acknowledges the outstanding recruiting that has occurred the past few cycles for Franklin & Co.

There's some pretty drastic variation in how people view the Nittany Lions heading into 2019. Read the articles for yourself, come on back to RLR, and let us know where you believe Penn State stands for next season!

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