Watch: Former Linebacker Quintus McDonald Earns His Degree 30 Years After Leaving Penn State

By John Morgan on May 10, 2019 at 9:30 am
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Penn State has long prided itself on high athletic and academic success. For the athletes and the fans, they wear it like of badge of honor and at times (frequently), will rub it in the face of their rivals that fare worse. Graduation rates come out annually and there's a sense of pride for the schools and their fans that finish near the top. In reality, it's a number and it's never 100%, but no one cares as long as they are higher up on the list than a school they dislike. 

Beyond those numbers are stories that makes what happened at the Bryce Jordan Center on Saturday so special. Former Penn State linebacker Quintus McDonald was in attendance, but now he could call himself a Penn State alumnus. Thirty years after he left Penn State, McDonald accomplished a goal he had set for himself and graduated from the University with a degree in Communications.

Prior to his arrival at Penn State, McDonald was named the USA Today Defensive Player of the year in 1984. After departing, McDonald went on to the Indianapolis Colts, but battled drug and alcohol addictions. 

Quintus McDonald's goal to graduate took many twists and turns, but in the end he accomplished something he set out to do. Graduation rates don't apply thirty years later, but it doesn't matter with such a great story behind it.

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