Two Weeks Notice: Recapping the Penn State Football Videos

By John Morgan on August 17, 2019 at 10:30 am

Getting closer to crunch time with only two Saturdays to go. Apply that lawn care, get those school supplies and tell your family you love them. One last heat wave in Pennsylvania this week as a reminder summer isn't over, but fall is knocking at the door. The "Wild Dogs" day of August ushers in another week and here's a look at the sights and sounds from the week.​

  • Penn State football is coming, but let us pause and take a look at the beloved son who defies gravity and stays in bounds.
  • RLR featured the tight ends on Friday and they caught up with tight ends coach Tyler Bowen.
  • On and off the field, KJ Hamler is pure fun.
  • HG(KJ)TV
  • Pinpoint punting requires precision, but maybe not as much as a punter with hair clippers.
  • Nutrition is serious business and a tool belt full of goods makes practice bearable. 
  • Actual football videos.
  • The podcast discussed the defense and the Penn State secondary is ready to go.
  • Offensive coordinator Ricky Rahne discusses characteristics he looks for in quarterbacks.
  • Strike up the band.
  • Big Ten Network's recaps their visit to Happy Valley last week.
  • Finally, after a long week, the players had their annual pool day and here are a few pictures from that.

The week that was through the lens of the Penn State Football Twitter account. Still no announcement on a starting quarterback, but just a little more time to kill before the NIttany Lions open up at Beaver Stadium on August 31.

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