Don't @ Me: A Look at James Franklin's Twitter Mentions vs. Buffalo

By John Morgan on September 9, 2019 at 8:30 am
Sep 7, 2019; University Park, PA, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin shakes the hand of a fan prior to the game against the Buffalo Bulls at Beaver Stadium.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State is 2-0 after beating the Buffalo Bulls 45-13. Twitter is real-time so someone firing off a frustrated tweet in the spur of the moment is to be expected. After that first half, it's hard not to agree with some of it. 

In the three years doing this, little surprises me, but the eyebrows raise on several occasions. Even in a 72-point win, the Twitter complaint department was lighting up, which proves you can't please everyone. Just to be sure, here are James Franklin's Twitter mentions against Buffalo. 

This is now officially "a thing" I guess.

Vanderbilt fans are frustrated after a 42-24 loss to Purdue on Saturday.

Well, the schedule is already set so not sure he can help you here.

Michigan snuck by Army in double overtime and the fans want blood after Michigan blew out Penn State last season.

Slow start by the Lions and James Franklin's clock management skills is always the ire of the fans.

Penn State accepted a holding penalty and Buffalo proceeded to convert a 3rd and 17 right after.

Starting to get tense.

BALDY! Now it's getting out of control.

Did not expect these tweets against Buffalo to be honest, but it was an odd first half.

We're finally getting to the root of the problem.

If you could not determine the time in the game, it's about halftime here.

Vanderbilt fans that followed Franklin deserve an apology.

Starting to feel like this could be a thing all year.

This was before Clifford had his long run that put Buffalo in a bad spot.

Get your BALD HEAD in the game to be exact, BALDY!

Nice touch with the signature on a tweet as if it were an email.

After some early frustrations, Tom is satisfied and has a request.

I take it back. Tom is all over the map.

Actually, I believe it was ketchup toast.

After a nervewracking first half, the fans ended up happy.

Well, that was an odd game, but a young team took on a challenge and responded in a big way. As Matt pointed out, it was an unexpected test, but the Nittany Lions passed and now comes Akron...errr, Pitt. In the 100th meeting, #HangAHundredOnPitt.