Key Play [Buffalo]: John Reid's Pick Six Sparks Penn State

By John Morgan on September 9, 2019 at 9:00 am

Penn State trailed 10-7 at the half, but had the belief it could still win. The Nittany Lions took the second half kickoff only to see their drive end on a Ricky Slade fumble. It started to get tense in Beaver Stadium as memories of the Appalachian State game crept into the fans heads.

Facing a 3rd and 6, Buffalo was looking to extend a drive much like they did in the first half. After two Jaret Patterson two-yard runs, the Bulls faced a down and distance they had converted frequently in the first half, but this time Matt Myers made a critical mistake. He looked left to Antonio Nunn, who had a whale of a game by the way, and Reid read it like you would expect from a guy with that surname.

Reid 1

Nunn had a great break, but the first down was in question had he caught it. If you look, Reid's eyes were on the ball and he made the break.

Reid 2
Reid 3

The quick break from read in that situation left Nunn on his heels and it was clear sailing from there.

Reid 4

A caravan of blockers that didn't even need to block someone. Penn State, like Reid, never looked back.

Reid 5

The play propelled the Nittany Lions to 38 second half points and a weird cover (just in case you bet), but it is also a good reason to buy an awesome shirt. Tense times for sure, but it was the perfect play to get Penn State rolling, and to a 2-0 record.