Pittsburgh Stealers: Narduzzi Mocks Signal Stealing Worry A Year After Accusing North Carolina of Doing the Same

By John Morgan on September 13, 2019 at 12:30 pm
Dec 31, 2018; El Paso, TX, United States; Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Pat Narduzzi speaks to his players before facing the Stanford Cardinal at Sun Bowl Stadium.
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"Usually the people that are paranoid are the people that are stealing them." - Pat Narduzzi

During his press conference Tuesday, Penn State head coach James Franklin discussed that the coaching staff had changed the signals because former Nittany Lion and current Pitt safety John Petrishen had spent years in meetings with the team. Franklin discussed how the staff had changed their signals at the beginning of the year and said, “Obviously we had to change all of our signals, you know, especially on defense and on offense, as well, but especially on defense because he [Petrishen] knows all of our signals and those types of things.”

On Thursday, Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi, who might I add was NOT MAD and JUST LAUGHING, met with the media for the final time before Saturday's game. Forever a fan of “going high,” Narduzzi fielded questions from the media and the head coach needed to get something off his chest to further explain he was not mad. Though no one in the media asked, Narduzzi wanted to talk and baited himself into a discussion by saying “Can’t believe you guys didn’t ask any signal questions.” In his ever typical condescending fashion, the not-mad Narduzzi then said, “Maybe we’re just all not very good coaches and we haven’t been thieves, I guess, but usually the people that are paranoid are the people that are stealing them, I guess.” Narduzzi continued to ramble on and on about how impossible it would be to steal signals and the audacity of someone to think of such a thing.

Now let’s take a time machine back a year when Narduzzi accused North Carolina of stealing Pitt’s signals. As Alan Saunders of PittsburghSportsNow.com reported Narduzzi said, “We’ve got to do a good job protecting ourselves on the sideline, as far as just making sure our signals are going to our guys and only our guys.” Narduzzi said that Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin tipped him off regarding the signals. It should also be noted that former North Carolina wide receiver Ryan Switzer plays for the Steelers and may have tipped off his coach.

Narduzzi did not let the Pitt players talk to the media this week like he has done throughout the four game series. Maybe it was he that needed the muzzle because as it turns out, the man just can’t help himself. I can only assume it made him feel better mocking James Franklin for something he has done himself in the past. Narduzzi acts like stealing signals is beneath him and based on how often he talks out of both sides of his mouth, James Franklin was right to prepare for it in the event the Pitt head coach doesn’t go high. But as Narduzzi said, usually the people that are paranoid are the people that are stealing them. 

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