Buy Week: Penn State Items on EBay

By John Morgan on September 20, 2019 at 8:30 am
Penn State items on eBay

Penn State has a bye this weekend and it comes at a good time as the team prepares for Big Ten play. Speaking of byes, it's as good of time as any to check out eBay and buy for some hidden treasures. These are great items, but nothing compared to the new gear at the Roar Lions Roar store and their incredibly comfortable shirts and hoodies. Additionally, Roar Lions Roar cannot guarantee that these items will still be available, but it could be worth checking out.

Vintage 80's Digital Wrist Watch

PSU Watch

Penn State fans complain about James Franklin's clock management and now they can provide him with a watch to cure all ails. Per the listing and to no surprise, this item is used and “Needs battery”. I am guessing that the battery may not be the only issue, but regardless, this watch will let people know that good style has no expiration date.

Classic Heavyweight Penn State Alumni Cardigan. Worn Once!


I am no expert, but I am willing to bet this is a limited release cardigan. Aside from the wear and tear of life that your body shows, nothing quite says Alumnus like a cardigan. It's a perfect cool fall day tailgate cardigan and would be a nice thing to have handy at a game when the sun sets on Beaver Stadium.



Are you nearing sixty years old and have an all-inclusive vacation planned? If so, this XXL shirt is not only is the size, it's the exclamation point on your personality that is needed. The only issue aside from the obvious is they used that horrendous Penn State logo that thankfully fell by the wayside. The thought here is that if you will wear this shirt, you're willing to overlook that.

Penn State Wrestling Half Zip Windbreaker


If you're new to the Penn State wrestling bandwagon, here's your chance to mask it with an old quarter-zip pullover. You might be thinking that the Penn State logo is backwards, but this is actually a wrestling thing and the logo elected to go neutral rather than the down position. You can get the takedown of this listing for a mere $39.99.

Penn State Lowball Rocks Drinking Glass

PSU Glass

Full disclosure, I may buy this before you even read this. I can only suggest that you click the link to see the other pictures of this one and see the inverse white stripe on a see-through blue glass. This is the perfect glass for a Penn State fan so they can decide if the glass is half full or not when watching a game. 

1988 Penn State vs. Clemson Citrus Bowl Hat


The 80's were a weird time for many reasons, but the graphic designs of that time have not stood the test of time. There is plenty here to digest between the quoted "Nittany Lions" and "Tigers" and the generic look of this hat. Penn State got waxed 35-10 in this game so it's fine if you want to pass on it, but this is the current playoff game that the Nittany Lion faithful dream of. 

Penn State 1980s 1990s Cardigan

Cardigan 2

Apparently, Roar Lions Roar has severely underestimated the cardigan market. This almost looks like a photoshopped version of a gray cardigan, but that is the risk the buyer takes. 

Penn State Dad Pin


The thing is sometimes those Penn State Dad shirts can eventually expire. This pin eliminates that risk because it can be a great accessory to any Nittany Lion clothing and you're not tied down by print. Be proud Penn State dads, but eliminate that wasteful spending on a shirt and get this pin that travels.

You just never know what you can find until you look. Some of these items would be a perfect complement to a Roar Lions Roar shirt too if you either keep you warm or add a note your affiliation to Penn State. Enjoy the bye week and maybe, just maybe, make it a buy week.