Key Play: Jahan Dotson’s 72-Yard Touchdown Was a Complete Offensive Effort

By John Morgan on October 8, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Penn State jumped out to a fast start against Purdue en route to a 35-7 win. After the Boilermakers third straight three and out, the Nittany Lions took over at their own 29. Penn State lost a yard on first down on a swing pass to Ricky Slade, but that set up a play that the coaches had to love. At this point in the game, the final result was hardly in doubt, but the execution was perfect in many areas.

The offense was lined up in a three receiver set with Daniel George out to Sean Clifford’s left. Tight end Nick Bowers also lined up to Clifford’s left with KJ Hamler in the slot to the right and Jahan Dotson out wide right. After Sean Clifford took the snap, the offensive line provided a perfect pocket for the Nittany Lions signal caller. Clifford stepped in the pocket and that allowed him to read the play.


From his position, Nick Bowers came underneath which drew the attention of both linebackers and KJ Hamler ran a fly from the slot. Hamler drew the attention of Purdue cornerback Kenneth Major who was initially lined up on Dotson.


From here, Dotson found a spot in the zone and cut in between the linebacker and the safety. Clifford delivered a perfect pass and Dotson was surrounded by four Purdue defenders.


As the defenders drew near, Dotson was alone in space and made a cutback that left Purdure cornerback Dedrick Mackey frozen. 


From there, the Nittany Lions had a caravan of blockers. From his left side, Daniel George came into seal the edge allowing Dotson to get the outside as the Boilermakers attempted to cut the angle.


Though he was deep behind the play, KJ Hamler circled back into the play and delivered the final block to set Dotson free.


This touchdown, while a phenomenal individual effort from Dotson to get himself open and make the first man miss, was a true team effort and the kind of play that coaches love. From the offensive line creating a pocket and giving the play enough time to develop, to Clifford making the correct read, and the receivers helping spring their teammate to the end zone, this was well-executed from start to finish. Even though the offense struggled for the better part of the game after that, this touchdown demoralized Purdue and helped lift the Nittany Lions to 5-0.