Young Fan Pens Letter of Support for Jonathan Sutherland

By Nick Polak on October 9, 2019 at 4:36 pm
The letter that a young fan wrote to Jonathan Sutherland in support of his favorite player in the wake of the racist letter he received.
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Earlier in the week, Penn State safety Jonathan Sutherland received a letter in the mail from a so-called "fan" who insulted his hairstyle in a letter dripping with not-at-all-subtle racism. He then reaffirmed his thoughts when asked about them. It was bad.

Then, head coach James Franklin went to bat for his team captain and talked with the media about how much he loves and respects Sutherland and about how his love of football is driven by his beliefs that the sport fosters an environment that allows the team and the fans to flourish as a family, regardless of race, social class, or anything else that divides us as a nation. It was good.

When a young fan, Sutherland's number one fan that is, heard about the unnecessary and hurtful attack of his favorite player, he did what he knew he had to do–grabbed a pen and started writing.

Not only is this letter awesome in every way, but this elementary schooler has an infinitely better grasp on sentence structure and letter formatting than the idiot who wrote the racist letter in the first place. Big-time shoutout to him for learning from his teachers.

The letter reads as follows–

Dear Jonathan,

Don't listen to the mean people who sent you that mean letter! You are my favorite player and the BEST! That hair is amazing! WOWEE! I wish I had that! I believe it is magical and makes you hit harder! Some day, I wish I would be like you!


I am going to my first White Out game against Michigan. Win that one too.

We Are


Your #1 fan,

#63 Mason Young

You rock, Mason.

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