Key Play: Jahan Dotson's Touchdown Allows Beaver Stadium to Exhale

By John Morgan on December 4, 2019 at 10:15 am
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Penn State had looked sluggish all afternoon and after a Rutgers field goal cut the lead to seven, Penn State needed a drive to avoid the unfathomable upset. On that drive, Penn State drove into Rutgers territory thanks to the running of Ricky Slade. Facing a 2nd-an- 8, quarterback Will Levis was sacked at the Scarlet Knights 44 and now faced a 3rd-and-15.

On the play, it started with a near disaster as the snap was low and to Levis' right. Levis was able to handle the snap, but his momentum took him to his left.


As Levis rolled right, the offensive line was able to seal the edge which gave Levis time and potentially room to run. As you can see, No. 75 Des Holmes had the Rutgers defensive line sealed and gave Levis some options.


At first glance it looked like Levis would run, but he saw an opening among a sea of Rutgers defenders and let one fly to wide receiver Jahan Dotson. With six Scarlet Knight defenders in the area, Dotson was able to haul the pass inside the 10-yard-line.


As Dotson caught the pass, he was still surrounded by three defenders and had to make a cut back. As the defenders drew near, Dotson was able spin his way out trouble as the Rutgers defense had overpursued on the tackle.


From there it was a race to the corner of the end zone and Dotson would not be denied. The six Rutgers defenders in the area will always be left to wonder what could have been.


Beaver Stadium was able to breathe a sigh of relief and the Nittany Lions added one more Journey Brown touchdown for good measure. Between fumbling snaps and completing passes the prior two games, the bad-snap-to-completed-pass has been a useful play for the Nittany Lions this season. Let's hope they leave that one in the bag for the bowl game, because that luck is due to run out.

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