Watch: James Franklin and Pat Freiermuth Talk Big Ten Restart

By Nick Polak on September 16, 2020 at 1:00 pm

With the news that the Big Ten season will restart this fall, James Franklin appeared on Big Ten Network to discuss the decision with analyst Dave Revsine. As they were talking, Frankin was joined by star tight end Pat Freiermuth who confirmed that he will be playing this fall, after all.

Freiermuth noted that he's not sure where the rumors of him sitting the season out actually came from, but that he's fully committed to the team in 2020. He continued to comment on how excited all of the players were to find out that the season is happening and that they are ready to get to work.

Franklin was also asked about star linebacker Micah Parsons who announced he was opting out of the season back in early August. He noted that he plans on reaching out and speaking with Parsons, but was very non-committal on whether or not he thinks he will return, noting that he and Freiermuth were at very different places before this news dropped.

Normally, given that he has already signed with an agent, Parsons would be ineligible to return for his junior season. But given the strange and unique circumstances of the 2020 season, it remains possible that the Big Ten and the NCAA could allow him to return if he chooses to do so.