Watch: Penn State OL Coach Phil Trautwein Treats the Line to a “Family Dinner”

By John Morgan on February 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm

New Penn State offensive line coach Phil Trautwein joined James Franklin’s staff in early January, and is seen by many as a rising star in the industry. As the winter workouts continue, Penn State released a video of Trautwein taking the entire offensive line out for a “family dinner” at Champs in downtown State College.

Offensive linemen appetites are the stuff of legends and the Nittany Lions group did not disappoint. 300 Wings, five plates of buffalo shrimp, four plates of nachos and humus (just for coach) were just a warm-up for their main course of burgers, pierogies and pasta. For the team, it was a chance to get out on the town, spend some time with their new coach and show off their ability to dismantle a meal. 

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