Roar Lions Rewatch: The 2014 Pinstripe Bowl

By Nick Polak on March 26, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Being that we all have a lot more time at home one our hands all of a sudden, we here at Roar Lions Roar decided we're going to do something productive with that time – rewatch a bunch of old Penn State football games.

For now, we're going to record these and post them the day after, but once we get a better grip on all of this we'll try to move into more of a live stream format so you can follow along with the fun.

Today, Nick and Matt decided to dive into the 2014 Pinstripe Bowl, aka Penn State's return to bowl eligibility, aka Sam Ficken's moment of glory, aka the Chris Godwin breakout game, aka the day I realized that while Yankee Stadium is a horrible baseball stadium, it's not a bad place to watch a football game. It was a momentous day, to be sure.

If you're interested in watching the game on your own, a full link to the game can be found here (we used a shortened version for our purposes).

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