Socially Distanced Shopping: Retro Penn State Items Available on EBay

By John Morgan on March 27, 2020 at 9:00 am
Vintage eBay items

We are in unprecedented times as the nation deals with the COVID-19 virus. In an effort to offer some comic relief, I went to eBay to see what was cooking on old Penn State items. While this could be supporting small business types of their own, these are merely suggestions and if you are in a position to help, I would suggest local businesses as a preferred alternative. Let's take a look and see how you could offer help to those online (though be sure to properly sanitize anything you do purchase).

Vintage Retro Penn State University Snap Button Windless Jacket


This jacket screams, "Look, I am outside for a walk, don't get near me, and if inclement weather occurs, I am prepared." In these times, you cannot be too careful and this gem could save you an awkward conversation with a neighbor you have never seen. Starting price at $28.00 has to get the wheels turning.

2007 Alamo Bowl Shirt


Rodney Kinlaw went for 143 yards on 21 carries. Daryll Clark showed flashes of what was to come on this fateful night. The New York Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots this same night, but the eyes of the world could refocus on this shirt 13 years later if you so choose.

Vintage Penn State Sweatshirt Tank Top Style 


Don't let the title fool you, this is a sweater vest and oh my, it's remarkable. I am trying to think of a practical gathering for something like this, but it eludes me. In a work from home world though, this looks comfortable as heck. Video conference calls in a sleeveless sweater is a power move if that is your thing.

Women's Penn State Cardigan


My goodness! The kick and cardigan are up and it's good. This is an XL sweater that really needs no description. A perfect photo on a tile floor just seals the deal. It's not too early to think of Mother's Day shopping as you sit in your house. You may not want to visit your mom in these times, but this just might be the perfect social distancing gift.

Vintage Penn State Baby Sweatshirt Navy Hooded 3-6 Months?


Look, we have no idea about the size, but if you are having a baby or know someone who is, this is a "safe" gift. Get that gift in early and let that child grow into the coolest jacket on the block. For $22.00 (starting price) you will be the talk of the town.

Penn State Basketball Crewneck Sweatshirt


Penn State was destined for the NCAA Tournament this year, but the world changed in the most unfortunate of events. Here's a sweatshirt that you can get for next season to mask the fact you just jumped on the bandwagon.

Vintage Penn State Nittany Lions Pins


Let's not adhere to this Commandment and stay safe.

Thanks for reading and we wish you all well. We can practice social distancing and still have fun on the Internet. Just remember, we are all a Bunch of Fighters.