Micah Parsons Confirms He is Opting Out of the 2020 Season

By Craig Fritz on August 6, 2020 at 2:21 pm
Penn State Linebacker Micah Parsons
Matthew O'Haren- USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday afternoon, Micah Parsons confirmed he will be opting out of the 2020 football season. Penn State's dynamic junior linebacker made the announcement via his Instagram, citing the health of his young son as the main driver of the decision. Parsons also revealed that he plans to graduate this December.

Reports that Parsons would forgo the 2020 season surfaced on Tuesday, as college players and conferences around the country try to grapple with the COVID-19 global pandemic and the real possibility of no football this fall. Here's an excerpt from the video Parsons posted on Instagram:

“As I consider all my options for the 2020 season, I decided I needed to make a choice. Not for myself, but my son and those dearest to me. While I felt safe with the health and safety standards as we return to Penn State for workouts, the potential risk to the health and well-being of my son far outweighed my urge to play football this season.” - Micah Parsons


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