Don't @ Me: We're Back Taking A Look at James Franklin's Twitter Mentions

By John Morgan on September 18, 2020 at 10:27 am
Dec 28, 2019; Arlington, Texas, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin walks on the field after the game against the Memphis Tigers at AT&T Stadium.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten reversed course and announced a return to play in 2020 on Wednesday. With so many questions heading into what should be an interesting season, I decided what better place to find reason than James Franklin's Twitter mentions. 

Since no one has any strong opinions on the pandemic or what should be done, I am dusting off my hazmat suit and going into the mentions.

A former Penn State player took notice of the number of Penn State players in the NFL.

Rumors of a Big Ten return were swirling but the NFL took center stage on Monday.

As the rumors continued to gain momentum, many fans like RR were getting ready.

One of the more promising Nittany Lions players sent a tweet that only added to the anticipation of news.

Dad Strength is getting antsy!

The announcement came and CJF offered a statement and then the replies.....

Caroline is swee... seemingly a nice person.

Matt Foley is ready.


No time to celebrate, we need to get ready for an opponent.

Mrs. Simmons has been as vocal as any of the Penn State player's parents throughout this.

Journey Brown was one of many players who faced a difficult decision had the season been delayed further, but he offers his thanks to his coach.

Like many Penn State fans, Coach expresses his love for a player that ran over Memphis.

Baby steps. Not quite there yet, but this is a start.

Now, this is what I am used to reading. Football is coming back.

Much like Journey Brown, Will Fries sends his thanks to the man in charge.

It's weird times for sure as Buckeyes fans are sending kind notes.

This was like a good WWE promo.

Oh boy! This is going to be a thing, isn't it?

Indeed, this is a thing for now, but it will be short-lived.

I don't know what this is, but it could involve ketchup toast or C (Chef) JF could have been invaded by some chef bots on Twitter.

Though there may not be fans, the White Out will happen for sure in one household.

Dad Strength is back and though I get what is being said, the player is literally standing behind his coach in this instance.

That is all for now! We will be back as the season goes on and as odd as this all feels, it is certainly something I didn't expect. I wish the best for all parties involved and hope for a safe season that can bring us nothing but joy and tweets that will certainly lose perspective as time goes on. 

Be safe and never forget that Pat Narduzzi was a pioneer for social distancing when he elected to kick a field goal down seven six feet from the end zone. The kicker missed, but the concept holds true.