Penn State Has Been Terrible in the First Half in 2020

By Nick Polak on November 14, 2020 at 1:55 pm
Penn State defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Brent Pry speaks about the Nittany Lions' defense during media day at Beaver Stadium on Saturday, August 4, 2018.
Ty Lohr, York Daily Record

Penn State scored first against Indiana on a beautiful touchdown drive that was time-consuming and yard-eating. That was the last time that the team looked like they were in control during the first half of any game in 2020.

In four games thus far this season, the Nittany Lions have been outscored 93-26. No matter the opponent, they have looked unprepared for what the opposing offenses have thrown at them and it has led to the offense playing from behind all season long. To be fair, one of those touchdowns was a fumble return for a touchdown in the Nebraska game, but that only barely improves the deficit.

On the other side, while the offense has been playing from behind, they've done very little to close the gap. Turnovers and missed opportunities have been the story week in and week out, with few signs of anything changing for the better anytime soon.

Against Nebraska, the Huskers only punted once in the first half, and it came when they were already up 24-6.

There are several things working against Penn State in 2020, but there is absolutely no excuse for this team to be as unprepared and as unable to execute as they have been to this point. The coaching staff needs to figure out a way to have their team ready to go each week here on out, or this season could very well end up being a winless one in Happy Valley – a notion that would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago.